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Can I download my own music to spotify to play in the car?

Can I download my own music to spotify to play in the car?

So I have quite a few songs that are not on Spotify and we have a long car journey coming up soon.

Is it possible for me to get my mp3s inton a spotify playlist and then to download that so they can then be played in the car through that playlist?

If so how is this done?


Looked around but seen nothing about this


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Hi JayD83 and welcome! 🙂
This can actually be done through the Premium service as an offline download.
You can import your music into Spotify on the desktop version - whether through an itunes playlist or local mp3 files stored on your computer. This is done in the file settings and by enabling your local library. You can also add in songs from Spotify's catalog that you do not own if you wish to save them offline too.
With Premium, you can then download the playlist you created for offline listening to your phone.
Feel free to let me know if you have any other questions! 🙂

Ok, so how do we do that? Step by step. I open the file in my computer attempt to download and it just plays the song. it isnt downloading to the playlist Im creating. 

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