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Can no longer rate podcasts

Can no longer rate podcasts







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I can no longer rate podcasts when I am logged into my account, or see ratings for podcasts.

When I go to a podcast on the Spotify website I can see that shows rating when I'm not logged in, but logged in I can't see ratings or rate podcasts, either on the website or mobile app.


I've attached two screenshots showing you that i can see the ratings not logged in but can't on the app logged in.


Also have tried on iOS with the same result.

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Hey @negs1,


Thanks for reaching out.


To rate the podcast, simply click on the 3-dot menu and select Rate show. If you're not seeing the show's rating, try reducing your screen font size.


Let us know if that helps.

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The rate option doesn't appear, hence why I created the topic. I've added a screen shot to show you what appears when I click the 3 dots.

As for reducing the screen size, it's not that either. Since it was introduced I could see, and rate, then it went off for a day, came back and then has been gone for weeks.

Like I said in my first post I have also tried on an iOS device int hat app and it does not appear.


Hey @negs1,


Thanks for your reply and for the info shared.


This is indeed odd behavior. We'd suggest you log out and log in twice in a row onto your Spotify account. This could sound a little bit odd, but this way the system will force a resync of your account in general.


If the above doesn't do the trick, we'd like to gather some additional info. Would you mind opening a different account on your mobile device to double-check if you can replicate this behavior there? You can ask for the account of a relative or a friend to open it on your device and check.


Lastly, would you mind sharing with us the exact Spotify version you're running on your mobile device?


Keep us in the loop!

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The logging out and in twice didn't work I'm afraid. I logged into a different account on the app however and it does show the rating and give you the ability to rate too.


The version of the app I have is on Android.



Hey @negs1,


Thanks for getting back to us.


If everything is working alright on new account, you can transfer all your saved content over to your new account in a few easy steps - just check out this Spotify Answer for more info. 


Hope this helps. Take care 🙂 

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Thanks, I am paid up for the next 12 months so it's not worth the hassle. Wasn't expecting you just to say open a new account up. Will just have to deal with the bad UX I guess.


Thanks for the suggestion though.

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