Can't find playlists from a particular user

Can't find playlists from a particular user








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I have created a playlist that no one can find when searching for it. The playlist is public, my account is linked to a Facebook, yet it does not appear in the search results. This makes it near impossible to share this playlist with anyone. This playlist (or user) does not appear in any search, regardless of the device used.


This is the playlist:


This has persisted since last summer with a different playlist (same account) as well (playlist mentioned is below). It's hard to believe this is an indexing issue since this playlist (either linked in this post) haven't appeared in Spotify search results at all.


Can someone please enlighten me as to why this is happening?

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I'm having the same issue--some people are having trouble searching/finding my playlists but some aren't. Would love to know why that is.


Hey @mikedloss and @clf77,


There is many playlists on Spotify. So when doing a search in the app, we can't guarantee you'll get every relevant result. It'd be too many results.


If you'd like to know how you can share your music, check out this page. There is many different social channels you can use to get your music/playlists out there 🙂


Hope this helps. Let us know if you have further questions.


Have a nice day!


@guido Thanks for the tips! Just curious, though. Even if a friend is putting in a very specific playlist title I've given them in the search, it still may come up that it doesn't exist?


Hey @clf77.


Thanks for the question.


With several billion playlists on Spotify, we still need to ensure that when you search for one, you get results fast. This is why our search indexes and puts playlists with more Followers in the top spots.


This is the main criteria how you can improve the searchability of your playlists. We know every beginning can be difficult, so to share a best practice with you on growing followers: Make sure to share your playlists on different social media platforms and as much as possible, like in our Music Chat. Once you start getting some popularity, it will become easier to get found 🙂


Alternatively, you can send the link to your playlist to your friend. Once they put it in the search box, it will pop up.


Have a nice day!

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