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Can't import Itunes playlists/library. Windows.

Can't import Itunes playlists/library. Windows.

I've tried thousand of times "Import Playlists > iTunes" and nothing has ever changed. Also, I'd like to note that "Share iTunes Library XML with other applications" IS checked under my iTunes preferences.


I tried importing a couple of playlist using this post I found on another post:


1. Go to iTunes -> Select playlist -> Go to Archive -> Library -> Export Playlist -> Export in .m3u file
2. Go to -> Login the Spotify box with your spotify account -> When login succesfull, drag and drop the m3u file in the pink apple box. Then wait for a while and the playlist will automatically be in your spotify account.


And though It's great having some of my playlists, it does take a LOOONG time to do it individually. Having a curated music collection that goes back at least a decade I have a lot of playlist. 


I also tried this other tip, but couldn't work on my pc: 


Spotify is looking for '~/Music/iTunes/iTunes Music Library.xml', however Apple renamed this file to '~/Music/iTunes/iTunes Library.xml'.


I'm using:

Windows 10




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I had this problem. If you open preferences in iTunes and go to >advanced, make sure the "share iTunes library XML with other applications" box is ticked, then click OK.

Quit Spotify & re-open it. Try the import again as per "Import Playlists > iTunes"

Should work fine.



This is literally the first thing mentioned in his post.

Thanks Captain Obvious.

The main point here is until you restart Spotify it won't have any effect. 

Maybe pay attention before you wade in next time, Flower.

I've tried multiple times. Un-checking it, quiting, re-starting, checking it again and re-starting and it never changes a thing.

That sucks man. I am on mac so I don't have anything else to offer as I'm not au fait with windows really, sorry.
Good luck dude.

Soundiiz is the best solution if you take time to export each playlist as "txt" (best matching) but yea, that could take a long time if you have lot of tracks per playlist/ or lot of playlists.

Thank you! I AM getting bettter results when exporting on TXT. I'm still gonna be here for a while LOL

Have you tried the Windows 10 app Playlist Converter?

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