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Can't load Playlists in Roku

Can't load Playlists in Roku

Playlists aren't loading in Roku. Just says "Loading Playlists" forever. Has been this way for a couple weeks now. Nothing fixes it. 


This makes Spotify useless for home listening...

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I've had this problem on Roku and Samsung for awhile now.... I keep trying to find a solution, but there's no way to contact anyone and I'm not finding any answers.  I haven't been able to listen to Discover Weekly either... what is going on?  I've been a longtime subscriber but my subscription has been useless.  If this isn't fixed, I'm swtiching to the new Pandora because I'm done paying for something that I'm not getting.  

I've had the same problem for a couple weeks now. I will probably switch to Pandora if thiss isn't salved soon.

I have a Roku 3700X (Express) and it has never worked. I don't think it has anything to do with my Samsung TV.  Playlists never load.. All I get is "Loading" with the spinning white paddlewheel underneath. I am running SW 7.5.1 with Build 4091 (late Jan.17) . I've tried removing Spotify from Roku and resetting Roku to factory settings, which is very time-consuming because it wipes out your entire Roku environment and you have to start over again with all your Roku accounts and settings. I've also logged out of Spotify everywhere and I also created a new Family premium account just for the TV where we are having this problem no avail.

I use Spotify on my roku TV every day. My kids love it... I can no longer see my playlists or discover or any of the cool features.... Please help....

I just lost my playlists on my Samsung TV -- and I'm extremely frustrated!  I'm confused how this is even an issue -- and from what I've read, it's with Rokus, Samsungs, and LGs.  Can someone from Spotify please explain this is such a problem and/or how to fix it???

Same, just opened spotify on my Roku, and the entire Playlist feature has gone from the menu, as well as the ability to add songs to playlists from the Now Playing screen.


I suspect Spotify have quietly removed the feature, although for what reason I have no idea.

Hey there everyone!


This seems to be an ongoing issue that Spotify is currently investigating. You should head over to this thread and consider leaving your feedback as well as keep an eye for updates.


Hope this helps!



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All - here is a link to give spotify customer service feedback. I encourage
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I can still see playlist on my phone but not on my roku, very frustrating as I just went premium so it must be a roku issue.

Same issue. Premium user and playlists won´t load on Roku Streaming Stick 3500 since 2 weeks ago.


I have cancelled premium for the time being.

If this is solved any time soon i will consider it again.

They seem to be shelving playlists.


They don't seem to give a s$$t about their Roku app.


It's terrible and now they seem to be dismantling it bit by bit.

Hey everyone,


In case you haven't seen it yet, an update from Spotify has been posted here:


"Due to various technical challenges, the Playlists feature has been removed from the Roku Spotify app.


We do understand your concerns and are working with Roku on how best to move forward with this app. In the meantime, you can search for and play artists, songs and albums, and your playlists are always available on your other devices with our desktop and mobile apps.

There are other ways to listen to Spotify on your TV too. Check out our guide at"

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here you guys go they got a roku app that works!

This is SO Frustrating, this is the main reason I pay for a subscription!!!  If they can't get it fixed I may have to move on.

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