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Can't play spotify on Echo Dot - can anyone help?

Can't play spotify on Echo Dot - can anyone help?

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 I have always been able to play spotify on echo dot, using my phone to choose which playlist to play and choosing the echo dot as the device to play it on. Lately I can only listen to it on my phone. If I go to 'Connect to a Device' , under Echo Dot it says in faded text 'Can't play this right now' I don't know why this is happening or how to sort it out. Can anyone help? Thanks!

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Last night everything worked fine.  This morning I can't connect to any devices, Echo Dot, Sonos speakers, Fire TV.  They are all greyed out with a "Can't play this right now".  Haven't changed settings. The only thing is that the Spotify app did update overnight.  I have tried logging in and out, restarting my phone, etc.  Nothing has worked so far!

Does anyone please have a solution for this?

Mine is working now 🙂 What I did was disconnect spotify and echo dot in the alexa app, then I reconnected. Then I unplugged the echo dot from the wall and plugged back in. Seemed to work. Hope you can get yours fixed too!

Hey @titchwitch and @pitilm,


Thanks for getting in touch!


Could you try to disconnect your Spotify account from the speaker? In The Alexa app you can do this in Settings > Music. On Sonos you can do this in More > Add Music Services.


Try to do a quick reinstallation as well. Read here how. When you are done, connect to the Sonos/Alexa app again and try to play music again.


Hope it works! Let us know if you have further questions.


Have a nice day.

Hi, I'm having a similar issue with my Echo Dot. The problem is that I can play Spotify on my regular Echo (big speaker) but not the Echo Dot.


When I ask Alexa on my Echo Dot to play something, Alexa responds that I need to use the Alexa app to set up Spotify. But I've already done that, making Spotify the default for everything.


Why is Spotify working on my Echo but not my Echo dot?

Hello @cjspeight,


Welcome to the Spotify Community. We are here to help!


Could you tell us if you have already tried to perform the troubleshooting steps described above by @Guido?


If you have and the Echo Dot is still not responding, we would suggest that you restart your router (by plugging the power cable out for about 10-15 sec. and then plugging it back in) or try using a different network. You can do this by creating a Wi-Fi hotspot from your smartphone and connecting all devices to it. (Your phone, Alexa, the Echo speaker and the Echo Dot).


It would also be helpful if you send us a video, where we can see what is happening.


Have a great day!

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This worked for me! Thank you sir! 🙂

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