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Can't resume music from the last played position while using voice commands on Amazon and Google

Can't resume music from the last played position while using voice commands on Amazon and Google

Hello everyone,


We've received reports that users been having a problem with albums/playlists resuming from their last played position while using voice commands on Amazon and Google devices.

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Yes, the same thing is happening on the phone.



I'm on Samsung Galaxy A52 (5G), Android 11.

Spotify version is (Updated 9 January 2022)

Hi @Frag,


Thanks for your reply. 


In order to keep working on this and to understand what could be the root of this issue, please give it a try using another account and let us know if the issue persisted or not. 


Also, does this happen with certain playlists or with any you try to play? 


Keep us posted.


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It happens with every playlist I try.

Hi @MafeG 


As I posted above a few days ago, I have tried different playlists, different accounts, different devices, different networks, different houses! 


Always the same problem when using voice commands



I tried the same thing now at a friend's place. He has almost the same setup with an google home max and a couple of google nest audios. His phone is an Iphone 13 mini and the same problem occurs.


Also tried to un-link and the re-link spotify in the google home app but it didn't work.

Hi there,


Same issue here since about two weeks. 

I use Spotify on my iPhone 12 and MacBook pro, and also on 2 Amazon Echo Dots & 1 Google Home mini. 

I can’t get the app version on the three assistants but the problem works like this:


- a playlist (whatever playlist) is started on one of the 5 devices. 
- I stop it and move to a room with an assistant if needed. 

- I say « ok google / Alexa, play Spotify », and the playlist always restarts from scratch. 

The previous and « expected » behavior was that the music would resume exactly where it was left, regardless of the devices that started it. 

I’ve seen a thread on Reddit with people saying it works when saying « assistant, resume Spotify » but I can’t get it to work in French, neither on Google Home or Alexa. 


Thanks in advance,


I find saying 'Alexa continue playing Spotify' sometimes works but this is nowhere near as good as the previous method. 

After updating to iOS version on my IOS device every time I ask my speaker to play Spotify it DOES NOT pick up from where previously left off, but starts playing the 1st song in that playlist.


I have to then go to my device and hit shuffle on the song. I don't always have a device with me to manage what I can hear on one of my speakers. Previous to update Spotify worked PERFECTLY on all speakers. Simply say 'Play Spotify' and it would pick up from where I left off.


I would have a playlist shuffling all day with no issues or interruptions. NOW I get constant issues with pauses, buffering, and complete stopping for no reason. This morning I found my speakers had turned themselves back on and were playing. I said 'STOP PLAYING', the light would flash and nothing happened. I constantly test speed, I always have 100+mbps. No other devices running. No interruptions to my internet connection.


What did you do to this update to make the app so buggy?

Hi All - This morning, Alexa has reverted back to how it was. I can start an album on one device , tell it to stop move to another room and ask device in that room to play spotify and the album picks up from where it was on previous device.

I did not make any changes to devices , however i did reboot my iphone for another reason.






iPhone Xs Max

Spotify Version


The thing is, I never really use my phone for spotify and still have this issue. I just tell my echo dot to play spotify, and it used to play the playlist from where I left off, but now it always restarts the playlist if I stop it and say "alexa play spotify"


edit 1:

Things i've tried:

reinstalling spotify on my iphone, reinstalling the alexa app on iphone, disabling and re-enabling the alexa skill on my echo devices. this happens with all playlists and all my echo devices. also started about 2 weeks ago. I thought it was an echo dot issue but seems like people are having issues with various devices and assistants, and also the echo didn't get any updates around that time.


edit 2: the day I found this post, seems like it does seems to be working. thanks for fixing it spotify, this was driving me crazy. 

Mine seems to be back working ok. I checked after @hatadearg had said theirs was back.


It took a few more hours but it seems to be back to normal. 

Another one here with the same issue


Happens on Alexa and Google, I've logged out of everything, uninstalled all the related apps, reinstalled them, logged back in and the issue is still there

Seems to be back on both Google Home and Alexa here as well!

Hey again. This problem solved itself like a month ago. But I've noticed a new similar problem that seems to have started a few days ago.


If I ask my google speakers to play my playlist on shuffle everything works fine. But if I paus the music and then continue to play music by asking google to "play music" it continues exactly where I left off but with suffle turned off. This wasn't a problem before this thread and I fairly sure that it worked after the fix to the main problem in this thread and only started to act weird within the last 5 days.

YES!!!!!!!!!!! Shuffle no longer works. It continues from where I left off but does not shuffle as before, it just continues to the next song on the album (I have multiple albums in my playlist). I either have to also instruct to 'Shuffle songs' when it starts to play or open my app.


2 steps forward, one step back.

Now I know that I'm not crazy and only one having this problem. 😄

Also, I confirmed it but starting the music, swap to my phone and then tell google to play again and I could see the shuffle button on the phone go from green to grey.

Hey folks,


Thanks for reporting about the new issue with Shuffle switching off automatically when coming back to the app after it being paused for some time.


Can you let us know if this is happening with any playlist/ album or just specific ones.


You can also check if there are any firmware updates on your speakers and let those run.


Keep us posted.

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Happens to every album/playlist. The speakers have the latest firmware.

I have everything updated etc etc ... issue still happens. Like previous issue (playing 1st song in playlist EVERYTIME) it seemed to be resolved with App update which is automatic on iOS.

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