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Censoring Songs

Censoring Songs

I don't know when Spotify changed, but I was just listening to Steppin' by Supa **bleep** Humble and where it would say "I'm blowing up like Isis, because I am the nicest" it has been replaced with silence. The album cover has also been changed and the song stutters right befor the cut. Why do you do this Spotify? If people didn't want to hear explicit words they wouldn't tap them. You don't have to censor **bleep** for them, you piece of **bleep**. People can choose what they want to hear and not hear. Stop enabling the problem and become part of the solution.

3 Replies

tf man

Now you even censor words like c r a p? tf is this man. B U L L S H I T  you even censored Supa D u p a Humble.

It even just now says I'm a casual listener? b i t c h I have had premium for years, listening to millions of songs, tf you talking about a casual listener.

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