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Chrome OS Webplayer appears to be buffering

Chrome OS Webplayer appears to be buffering

There seems to be an issue with the Web Player on my Chromebook constantly buffering songs. Songs will stop for a second or two roughly once every minute or so.


I have a good internet speed (I achieve roughly 48-53mb/s) and do not experience this issue on my Android phone using the app.


I believe the issue is with loading the banner ads at the bottom of the screen as I will see a message "waiting for <advertising website> " when the song stops. Furthermore, If I'm in different tab (ie not looking at the web player for ads to appear) the problem seems significantly reduced (although not absent).

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Same here and I agree with your analysis. Definitely seems to be ad related based on observation. Regardless, it has made Spotify unlistenable. They need to address this.


I've had this problem for a while now but it seems worse than ever today.

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