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Chromecast Bitrate


Chromecast Bitrate

What bitrate does the Chromecast Audio stream at?


There have been other threads addressing this problem, but they all seem to give contradictory answers.


This thread says that the Chromecast automatically streams at 320 kbps:

This thread says that the audio quality is determined by the streaming source (i.e., the Spotify app):

This thread leaves both answers open as options:

Finally, this thread says that the option to change the sound quality of the Chromecast has been implemented within the Spotify app settings, which doesn't seem to be correct:


Can someone with definitive knowledge of Spotify's integration with Chromecast Audio (i.e., a Spotify employee) give an answer?


Accepted Solutions
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I opened a supoprt ticket with Spotify today and they confirmed it's not possible to stream to the chromecast at 320Kbit/s currently, but he said;


"our engineers are currently working on getting the streaming quality higher."


He also confirmed premium users currently stream to chromecast at 256kbit/s.


I'm going to try out Deezer tonight and see if the sound quality is better than Spotify, can't find a clear answer on their website either as to what kbit/s they stream. Wondering if it's a limitation of the chromecast audio rather than Spotify.

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Unfortunately, nowadays any normal computer software is called "app", not only those programlets you load onto your smartphone. So in this case, no smartphone, only laptop.

To clarify:     chromecast  <--(160 kbit)--  laptop  <--(400 kbit)--  spotify-server

As I wrote I doubt, but I am not quite sure, that chromecast has a direct link to the spotify-server. But in this case, only a flow of control data from laptop to chromecast would be necessary with 10 kbit or so at most.

So my hypothesis is, that spotify just sends a default 128 kbit stream to chromecast no matter what.

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50 Replies

I read the same threads, and I have the same question... 

I have the same question

Nobody knows the answer ? Guys from Spotify, please... 🙂

Same boat. 

This "Idea" thread was marked as implemented, by I think the Spotify staff who closed it was confused because there are no such "Chromecast quality" settings in Spotify.


Would love to get a straight answer.

Come on guys, please give us an answer! 

The music sounds very good... But I am wondering too if the max quality is streamed or not.


M. Spotify, could you answer ?

I tested the sound through the digital output against the analog ipod output with extreme audio settings on, without eq and... it sounds much better with the ipod so I guess the Chromecast audio streaming is using low bitrates, so I´m thinking how to use it, maybe as a flyer soccer hanging from the roof.

Same problemen here,
Not sure what settings the chromecast audio takes when casting spotify,
(HDR setting is turned on for chromecast)

@Joostdriel HDR Setting? Can I ask what you're referring to?

I assume you have the google home app, in this app you can chance setting for HDR, with the settings off the quality is bad, turn it on and its way better , but still not sure what bitrate.

( see screenshot , by me its "volledig dynamisch bereik" , because dutch)


I checked the data rate using tool on my router. Using chromecast 2 with hdmi I get 320 kbs.

Still no answers?? Please?

Yep I'd like a definitive answer fron Spotify too. ALSO when will gapless streaming though Chromecast be available?

Come on Spotify officials give us the specs.

Bump. Spotify audio options are disabled in the app. In Google Home I have the Full Dynamic Range option checked but it's still unclear.

would be nice to know

Bumping the thread. It's disheartening that there is no reply to this still.

Another bump. Would be good to know. 

Can we please get an answer to this! 


I've bought some Chromecast audios and linked them up into a group and the sound quality is noticeably poorer compared to plugging my phone into the amp directly or using Bluetooth. It's either not getting streamed at 320kbs or there is another problem. 


The streaming quality options are greyed out when connected to the Chromecast. So frustrating.

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