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Chromecast audio already playing on another device

Chromecast audio already playing on another device




since a few days I am experiencing problems with playback on a Chromecast audio. I often get the audio message that spotify is already in use on another device (not sure about the exact message, I hear it in Dutch). It often happens when switching to another song, but also during playback. Strangely enough it seems to work fine on a normal Chromecast.

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I've got the same issue (btw also the Netherlands). It started yesterday 1-april and it only happens on chromecast audio, on a "normal" chromecast connected to the TV everything works fine.

What a coincidence, anyone else not from the Netherlands having this issue as well? I tried another streaming service, this has no problem at all, so it seems to be Spotify related and not a Chromecast audio issue ...

I have this problem too with my Chromecast Audio here in Sweden. Super annoying.

Have the same problem and live in sweden. Need help, have tried everything. 

Same for me in Sweden as well.

Also having the same probleem here since a few days, also in The Netherlands. Rather annoying... Anyone a solution yet?



Unfortunately not.

yesterday everything was working properly...without me doing anything. I checked the firmware version of the chromecast (1.30.111140), but nothing changed.


Today the same issue again, with multiple versions of spotify (iOS, windows 10). Can’t find much about the issue on the internet.



Yup me too!

I'm using chromecast audio and it keeps coming up with the same annoying notification. I'm in the United State though...

I made a factory reset on the chromecast audio yesterday and it worked for me.


1. Power up the chromecast.

2. Hold down the only button next to USB port on Chromecast Audio. Do not release the button!

(The LED on Chromecast Audio should change to pulsing orange (blinking).)

3. Release the button after the LED turns white.

(Now it is safe to release the button. Your Chromecast Audio is now reset.)

4. Set up Chromecast Audio as a new device.

Spotify created a new account for me, that solved the issue.

Thank you so so much! worked perfectly!!!

This worked for me aswell!


I'm having the same issue 😕

I found it to be a Chromecast issue not a Spotify issue. Factory reset the Chromecst and it worked.

Good luck 

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