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Chromecast functionality is totally broken

Chromecast functionality is totally broken






Huawei P30

Operating System

Android 9
Spotify Version


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Okay guys, seriously: Please just enter Chromecast and Spotify in any search engine you like and you get same results. Lots of people saying that Spotify and Chromecast simply don't work together and you get one guy from Spotify saying "It is fixed now with the latest version, please reinstall" 


I tried everything: Several devices, both Android and iOS, restarting my whole life, not only my network EVERYTHING. And every other app on my phone just works like a charme with Chromecast Audio. 

Why isn't Spotify working so poor with Chromecast? I can see my Chromecast on the app, I click on it, I get the feedback sound from the speakers and nothing happens. Every. **bleep**. Time. After 1,000 reconnecting intents it works as long as I don't skip any song, i.e. only opening the spotify app on the phone destroys the whole thing. 

Why? And what can I do? What are you plans to make it work? Do I have to a buy a Network AV Receiver to get rid of Chromecast just because the connection isnt't working since ever? 


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Same issue. Same app version. Same Android version. Galaxy S8+ handset.


Chromecast connect has always been kinda hit and miss, but as of a week ago I've been unable to connect to ANY chromecast or chromecast audio device. It makes the "bleep" sound when selecting the device but then reverts back to "this phone" and never plays on chromecast.


It's undoubtedly a spotify issue as casting from other apps works just fine.


The usual restart of wifi router and all devices on network including handset and google home fails to resolve this problem.


It's getting very annoying now and frankly I'm at the point I'm reconsidering my long standing premium subscription in favour of "other" music streaming services.


@Spotify please get this resolved and quickly.

Same problem here... some albums cast and some don't. Sometimes an album casts perfectly and once I select another band cromecast says that my account is  is being used in another device and then i'm unable to cast, just keeps on "connecting". Back to the former album I was hearing and casts ok again. Only way I'm able to cast a "connecting" album is deleting cache and data from the spotify app, then it works. 

Hello @e5nduui-9a_l7@Trezzi and @MartinNZ,


Thanks for getting in touch!


Could you try updating the Firmware on your Chromecast and also rebooting your router.


Reinstall the app on your mobile device as well using these instructions.


If this still does not work, could you try moving the router and Chromecast closer to each other and let us know if that makes a difference?


Hope it will work. Let us know how it goes.


Have a nice day!

No @Guido it's not related with firmware or restarts, it's faulty Spotify software and it's related to this:

You're kidding right. The firmware is current on the chronecasts. And like I already said restarts and reinstall make no difference.

All other apps except Spotify are casting just fine so moving the router closer is also not a valid answer.

This is a pointless reply, clearly haven't read the messages in the thread at all.


No, as I said and as everybody knows. It is the fault of the app, this is it. The problem is simple: Spotify doesn't work with Chromecast atm. I did all the actions before, because you know, if you Google it you see how many people have these problems and you also see how Spotify Community Manager always post the same "solution", knowlingly that this isn't a solution.

Be a bit more smart than that Guido

Same problem with Chromecast built-in

I cast music from Spotify on my iPhone. If I come back a couple minutes later to change the song and launch the Spotify app on my

iphone, it immediately tries playing on my phone and disconnects from chromecast. 






iPhone XS

iOS 13.1.2


My Question or Issue




I'm streaming my Spotify from an iPhone 8 with iOS 13.3 via Google WiFi to multiple Google Chromecast Audio Receiver, connected to different speaker. Since some weeks, the stream disconnects often after 10 to 20 minutes - without any reason and pattern (I’m not using my iPhone while the stream breaks). When I check the phone after stopping the music, the music also stopped on my iPhone. I can restart and reconnect my speaker immediately. Internet- and WiFi-Connection are totally stable - i.e. I tried Soundcloud to the same devices over more than an houre - without any problems or disconnecting issues. Does anybody have the same issues?


Regards Henning

Me too! Steps to reproduce the problem are described in the following thread

I've been using Spotify Connect to play music through my Chromecast Audio with no connection issues for several months. However as of 1/8/2020, the audio stream will pauses suddenly, sometimes as often as every 30s, sometimes after half an hour of playback. There have been no software/hardware changes on my end. 









iPhone X


Operating System

iOS 13.3


My Question or Issue

After 30s - half an hour of music/podcast playback through Spotify Connect to a Chromecast Audio, the connection is dropped and music stops. The play status indicator shows that the music has stopped and that Spotify is no longer playing through my Chromecast Audio. I'm able to select my Chromecast Audio again and start music playback.


Steps tried:

Chromecast Audio factory reset.

Second Chromecast Audio (that was also working with no connection dropping before 1/8/2020).

Spotify app force quit and restart.

Spotify "sign out everywhere".

Spotify app re-install.


None of the above worked.



Forgot to add: I'm on Spotify Version







iPhone 8

Operating System

iOS 10


In the past couple months, Spotify will stop randomly when I stream to my Chromecast audio device. This is a recent issue. It will play and then about an hour or so in, it will stop playing. The screen is locked when this happens, but I've also noticed it without the screen locked. I then have to re-cast it to the chromecast device. The chromecast has not gone offline when this occurs. I've tested it with another streaming app, KCRW, which will play without stopping for hours and hours on end with or without the screen locked. I've reinstalled Spotify through your help guides. I've reset my chromecast audio. I've tested my internet speed. It is an issue with Spotify communicating with the chromecast device. Please fix this.


I should also note that it will sometimes stop and then state that "your spotify stopped because it is being used on another device." It is not. Again, seems to be an issue with spotify. Might it be related to a "family" account?

Same problem with me with an iPhone. I remark that at the moment the stream stops, the volume slider is briefly displayed on my iPhone, even if I did not touch the phone (I have no idea what is causing that). It is is indeed a super boring problem. Ironically, I switched from Google Music to Spotify few weeks ago because the interface and the functionalities were nicer... Please fix this asap.

Constant dropped connections for me too now. Unbelievable how there’s so much online from people with similar issues and absolutely nothing useful from Spotify. 

I've also double checked that when it stops, the chromecast device is still connected to the network and spotify has the chromecast audio in its list of devices. It just stops playing, over and over again.

Very similar experience here. I've got an original Chromecast Audio and a Google Home Mini. Playing Spotify on them through my Pixel 3a is very unrelaxing - songs play, but if I try to skip or pause I'll find that the the app has lost contact with the Chromecast/Home Mini and everything stops, accompanied by the speakers telling me that my account is being used elsewhere. I then have to reconnect (which is hit and miss) and catch up.


Everything's on latest firmware and the wifi signal is excellent. Same used to happen on my iPhone X that I got rid of a month or so ago.

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