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Chromecasts, Google Home, Amazon Fire tablet and Spotify

Chromecasts, Google Home, Amazon Fire tablet and Spotify


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Amazon Fire HD 8


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I just bought an Amazon Fire HD 8 and to my surprise it won't recognize any of my Google Home devices. I have 2 Home Minis, a Chromecast Audio and two TVs with either built-in or plugged in Chromecast. Spotify on the Fire doesn't show any of them.

Is that by design? Does Amazon actively screen them out from being listed, or is this a bug in Spotify? I have checked that all firmware/updates have been applied.


The only twist in the story is that if I use a different device, like my iPhone 6, to start Spotify streaming to any of my Chromecasts, the device immediately appears as the Active Device in Spotify on the Fire! I can then use the Fire to change song etc. I just can't see any devices in the list, except if I open Spotify on my laptop


Everything is connected to the same wifi network and the signal is strong. Has anyone seen this behaviour, or can you confirm that you DO see Chromecasts in Spotify on Amazon Fire tablets?



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