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Claiming Podcast in Spotify Artists

Claiming Podcast in Spotify Artists


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 I have submitted a podcast through, and it works, although the statistics is non existant. Blubrry is not getting statistics from Spotify, at least not the last two weeks, and I tried to claim the show, but get an error when trying to claim it.



  "error" : {
    "status" : 404,
    "message" : "non existing id"



Is there any way to get statistics, or any way to claim the podcast or is podcast statistics on Spotify not possible?


Greetings, and thanks in advance!


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Hey @AndersBW! Welcome to the Spotify Community. ^^


That doesn't sound cool.

The error message is saying that there is no existent podcast with that ID.

Be sure to contact the Blubrry support maybe the issue is on their end. ^^




The trouble is that the show is on Spotify, and it shows up in search results.


Yet it is returning error about non existing ID when trying to claim it...


I will contact Blubrry aswell, and see if there is a solution on their end to this. 

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