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Claiming the Google Home Mini Offer


Claiming the Google Home Mini Offer






samsung galaxy 😎

Operating System



My Question or Issue

I've been told I can claim a google home mini but when I follow this link all I see is "Thank you so much!
You've already successfully registered your interest in this offer!"  well I havn't claimed before


when I follow Check availability.

I just get "We're sorry but you're not able to redeem at this moment."


so how do I claim one here in the UK


92 Replies

I got the same issue

I am having the same problem and completely agree.


Funny how the people that are signing up are managing to get it! But loyal customers are on some waiting list. 

I didn't even get a confirmation email telling me that 


Same problem here- when are we likely to get a response from Spotify? The lack of support options is shocking.

I managed to speak to someone on chat and here's the transcript:

I appreciate the wait, I had a check backstage and can confirm that your account is indeed eligible for the offer.

However, you are supposed to receive an email from our system which will contain the link where you can redeem the device.

Currently, there's a delay with this but we are expecting to have it sent out soon nad your account is ready for this item to be redeemed. I kindly ask to please wait for that email.

******: Okay thanks, any idea how long it's going to take at all?
Jombert O:

As of the moment, we don't have a specific timeframe for it. However, since this is an offer that we have just rolled out and everyone's waiting for it, I could suggest checking your email within 24-48 hours as our team is working hard to have all of these emails sent out.

Thanks @thepimp. Useful info.

I’m having the same problems too. Subscribed on Saturday afternoon with the promise of a free google home mini device, no email received with redemption code. The lack of support is shocking, they’re not answering my tweets or emails, I paid through PayPal and have opened a case.


one unhappy customer 

I have been a family subscriber for 2 years now, and I cannot get the offer yet i was told about it by someone who (along with the 20 people he works with) signed up, got their offer, redeemed the voucher and then cancelled the subscription.


It appears that only NEW customers are being prioritised.

Hey @newwwt.


Thanks for reaching out to us about this.


Could you try accessing the link:

  • in an incognito window
  • from a different device (e.g. a mobile phone)?

Let us know how you get on! We'll be here in case you need further help with this.

I have been trying for days to access the google mini, had an email from spotify to say to access the link but when I get to the add to basket nothing happens,

Have just contacted Spotify who have said they will look into it for me

I didnt find the way to contact them, how did you do?

Follow this link and create a query. Someone will become availble to chat after you submit the query.



I have signed up for the current Google Home Mini offer but I have not received any redemption codes for the Google home mini. Could you please look into this for me?

same for me, if the redeem option doesn't become available i'd like a refund too.

I've just had my email and placed my order. Hope everyone else gets theirs too 

I have been a family member for 4 years and previous to that I had an individual membership for 3 years, I got an email last week saying I could redeem my Google Mini Home and I've been trying to get it for over a week now, at first it was just coming up at full price when I clicked the link, and after about 10 emails exhanged and an hour of chatting to various people on Spotify live chat, the link has just stopped working and just says that 'It's unavaiable at this time' 


The general response I've been repeatedly getting from customer service is 'try again tomorrow, hopefully you'll have a better luck'


LUCK? Why should I need luck? It isnt a competition that I've entered, I didn't even ask for it. I'm finding the level of customer service in general extremely rude.


Is anyone else experiencing a similar problem?





Same for me too!  Refund please if not received......

I contact them by the chat and I've receive the email to order it.


I just spoke to someone on chat and all im getting is you have to wait. That you will eventually receive an email however no time frame 

Mentioned that new customers are recieving theres and got nothing! 



@jptykes  how long did your email take to arrive 

Same here!

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