Collaborative Playlist on 2017 Update

Collaborative Playlist on 2017 Update

My friends and I are trying to make a collaborative playlist but we do not know how to make one! Is it not a feature on the new update?

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Hey @ka-chow-02, thanks for posting! 


Can you let me know your version of Spotify? 

You should be able to make the playlist collaborative, by right-click on it and choose "collaborative". It should be your own created playlist. 

Also, you can try to log out and log back in the app, if you don't see this option.

If no difference, you can make a screenshot, and I'll try to get back to you with more info, thanks!




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I seem to be having the same problem, the option for Collaborative Playlist isn't showing up in the menu for my playlist. 

Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 10.53.21 AM.png

I was having this issue, not sure if its the same as yours, but I clicked the link my friend shared with me and it opened in the browser.  It showed up on my desktop player when I clicked 'FOLLOW'.  Now it shows.  Hope that helped.

Just right click on the playlist name and you get the option to make it collaborative. And people do have to Follow it to add music



And here is one if you have Indie Rock.  Follow this Indie Playlist. It is collaborative which means if you follow, it then opens up and allows you to add your songs. But please not more than a few at one time. And I will be adding others soon

I have followed, but am unsure of how to now add to the playlist!!! can you help? I tried to play a song and clicked on the 3 dots to add to playlist, but that didn't work, maybe I'm just being stupid

You do have to open it in your browser first and Follow or it won't work. Also use desktop to work on these. Trying to do it on a phone app will make you crazypl2.jpgpl1.jpg

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