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Here's my idea for a video Spotify commercial. 

Young guy driving in car: camera focused on him. He clicks the microphone button in the app and says "play Africa by Toto." He gently nods his head to the music as he drives and progressively gets more into it and busts out some sweet dance moves. He hits the steering wheel during the drum breakdown. Pulls over, puts the car in park. Turns down the radio. Turns to the passenger seat, asks, "so, how did I do?" Camera cuts to the passenger seat, to a guy in a button up shirt with a clipboard. "You failed." Screen turns to the Spotify logo and narrator says, "Just because you can have your music, anywhere you go, doesn't mean you always should."

Boom. Genius. I'll take my Oscar now.

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Hi @Beyoncejanes, welcome to the Spotify Community!


This sounds like a great idea. No worries, we'll pass this to the right team. Let us know if you have more issues or inconvenience.


Have a nice day 🙂

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