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Complete Sonos Integration...... please?


Complete Sonos Integration...... please?

Sonos was the main reason I signed up for a premium plan and I love the service.

But it's killing me that I can't use all of the Spotify features through Sonos.  Who is holding this up?  Sonos or Spotify?


I really want Radio, app support, a better layout or the site, etc....


Any chance any of these will occur?

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For a long time people have been asking Sonos to include Spotify Radio. We love Sonos (and Spotify) but to be honest - until now - they have been rubbish at replying. However, they have now answered and say the lack of Radio is down to Spotify - see below.  PLEASE, PLEASE can you all work together to implement this ASAP.  Thank you. 🙂


John M, an employee of Sonos, replied to Add Spotify radios to Sonos !!!, an idea about Sonos.

Thank you everyone for the responses and feedback. Please let me assure you that this item is still under consideration by Sonos and that we are committed to providing a world-class Spotify experience on Sonos.

Spotify Radio was originally introduced as a Spotify App on the desktop Spotify client before being made available to the mobile app versions. Spotify Apps are small applications written within the Spotify platform and are not made available to third-party platforms like Sonos at this time. Spotify does not yet provide us with the ability to support Spotify Radio. We understand that this is a top feature request from the Sonos-Spotify community and are in discussions with Spotify on possible future implementation.

If you feel strongly about the Spotify Radio feature on Sonos, be sure to add your comments to the Spotify community, in addition to this topic here. Like Sonos, Spotify is a company that greatly values the opinions and feedback of their user community. 

It's about time spotify gave us some level of confidence that they are looking at this....and with Deezer securing more investment than Spotify last year it might be time to jump ship to a service that is making progress

I added my support for this feature the Sonos forum and am doing the same here. I will be giving Spotify one more month then moving to Napster or Deezer as I can't deal with my premium system being worse in functionality than a guy with a laptop. What really amazes me is that this works great on squeezebox via a third party app and yet we can't get it on Sonos. On squeezebox it has been available for at least 12 months

I'm in the same position as the poster above. Sonos was the only reason I subscribe to premium. Given the reply from Sonos, it looks like the ball is in Spotify's court. If Spotify doesn't sort this out soon enough, I'll jump ship to Deezer. I've just checked them out (didn't know they existed till I started browsing these forums) and they seem to have offer most music I listen to.


The Sonos was a big investment for me and I didn't buy it just to listen to my-old-playlists-in-a-loop, but to discover new music. If spotify can't enable this, it's not the service for me.

This issue is tagged as "solved" buy really isn't until Spotify extend their API to let Sonos provide their customers with a decent experience. Many Spotify premium customers are likely to switch to Pandora or Deezer otherwise.

Please add radio to apis in question. Sonos sent me 🙂

I have been hounding Sonos about this (along with a few hundred other community members) seems to be a little bit of fault on both sides but wanted to put some pressure on Spotify to sit down with Sonos to figure this out ASAP.... These are your core users we would like to use ALL of Spotify on Sonos otherwise I am wasting $$ on the premium subscription... Please send us an update form Spotify's end ASAP.


Thank you!


I totally agree with the user above, and would like to second this. One of the main reasons I bought into the Sonos system was that I believed I would be able to use all the premium features of Spotify through Sonos. I am keen not just for the radio feature but all the features of premium Spotify to be available through Sonos, such being able to browse related artists and looking at the top hits and bios etc and creating playlists that save to my Spotify account and linking to my friends playlists etc etc etc. Unless I am missing something and some of these features are actually available?... As it stands I will be looking to cancel my premium account with Spotify as its now next to useless to me through Sonos. It really is disappointing that what appears to be to forward thinking companies can work this out togther. And quickly. Thanks 

Sonos  and Spotify are both the poorer without this integration.  Am I going to give up my Sonos speakers? No way. I like Spotify but unless the integration can be improved I'll be moving to a service that can provide it.

Chalk me down as another very disappointed sonos / spotify user who is considering canceling their premium subscription if I can't at least get spotify radio on my sonos. 


Starring tracks and creating playlists would also be a big improvement.  As identified by other posters, we sonos users are missing a very large amount of functionality. 


Come on Spotify - give us an update. 

Been talking with some folks and all I can say at this time is that the good folks at Sonos need to take this up directly with their partners at Spotify.


In the mean time, if you want to show your support for such implementations the best way is to find an existing idea or post your own, in the Idea Exchange.

Community Ergo Sum

I did that and noticed that there are multiple Ideas for the same thing, so the uservots get split a bit since most people will stop looking once the found something that resembles, according to their understanding, their problem.

Does the ideas section get moderated/curated in any way so that multiple Ideas wanting the same thing get merged/multiple feature requests in one idea get split into single entries?

Hi guys, new spotify user here former rhapsody user.


It is unfathomable how i cannot add an artist, track or album to a playlist while using the sonos app.   According to the Sonos Forums, they're pointing the finger on spoitfy for lack of APIs.  


Who's fault is it really and why has there not been a resolution yet? 


I like the spoitfy app and backbone because it does seem more stable than rhapsody did but I also don't like the fact that I can't search for top track from an artist.  Am i missing something?


Either way, i'm considering canceling my spotify subscription as Sonos is all I use around the house, all the time.    The lack of spotify integration on sonos software is just painful considering we're living in a modern world.  


I'm sure Sonos has some blame in this too, unfortunately it is much easier to switch music services than it is to switch sonos hardware.   Sonos for the most part is pretty sound and awesome! 

This does not seem to be solved. Please integrate spotify radio on sonos and work out a way with the sonos team, please!

Could not agree more. These posts have been running for a long time with no sign of a reply from Spotify , let alone a fix. I will certainly cancel the Spotify subscription before I get rid of the Sonos.

Please Spotify - add the radio features to the API (specifically artist radio etc) and then "Triode" will hopefully be quick to add the features to the Logitech squeeze platform as well.

The whole point of the Spotify API is to allow different vendors to integrate into the core Spotify functionality - so the change to the API is necessary for everyone.

WHY HAS NOBODY FROM #SONOS or #SPOTIFY responded to this - clearly they are aware of the situation and want to resolve it? Do you? I will also cancel my premium account and am considering taking my new sonos back to store based on this - it's exactly why i bought it and i am so disappointed. If this is not incorportaed all the sonos is equates to a mediocre speaker system. Should have stuck with my bose...... 

Kik, don't return your Sonos.

Just subscribe to MOG instead. They so far have worked flawlessly with my Sonos.

Rhapsody had more integration with Sonos than Spotify does also but the problem with rhapsody was that their mobile streaming was way too unreliable for me.

MOG is really good actually so far I love it. Even their mobile app is prettier and more intuitive to me.

Everyone who's reading this is because we all have come here off of the same frustration. Which is: a pretty useless subscription service if you're running spotify with Sonos.

I switched to MOG last week and honestly i couldn't be happier. Full Sonos integration, even artist radio station, add or create whatever playlist you want.

This thread is ancient and nothing has been resolved still. Take matters into your own heard and let your subscription paying dollars be heard. Make the switch!

Take matters into your own hands** sorry.

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