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Dear Spotify - it is time to step up to your responsibilities

Dear Spotify - it is time to step up to your responsibilities

Dear Spotify.


Beeing a customer of your Music service for years I most say my patiencen has been stretched lately. Where is your Windows commitment? Why do you not make a prober Winodws 8 app that actually work with touch? The "old" Windows 7 app is really not good UI wise on a Windows 8 Machine. To be brutaly honest - I am tired of receiving your standard communty answer "No comment on future app support" "Put it in the idea catalog or give other users with same question Kudos".


When will you update your app for Windows Phone 8 to be on pair with Android and iOS? To say the least, the Spotify app for Windows Phone 8 is really poor, unstable´, missing a ton of features etc..


I can actually boil it down to one simple quistions which you can simply answer with yes or no:


Are Spotify willing to invest in the Windows Eco system (Windows 8, Windows Phone, Xbox) and bring out quality apps?


If not I will be leaving you in favor of one of your many competitors that do.


A frustrated Spotify user!

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Hi, and welcome to the community!


I'll escalate this to the staff so you can get an official response on the matter.


Anthony 🙂

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From experience I can't see Windows 8 touch update, or excellent support on Windows Phone 8 happening in the near future - but who knows lets see what the staff say!

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From my experience, they've been slow to implement fixes for issues in lieu of new features.  I remember one problem for Android used to be that it would not even use external SD card storage.  People complained for months and months.... and I think a year+ went by and they finally did it.  Not sure what the issue is with these types of things, but I'm guessing that it's a small development staff?  Either that or because XBOX Music is what everyone has on Windows Phone 8 and they're not seeing the numbers to justify it.  iPad has limited good choices for subscription models and Android has a few but they have numbers.....  Even they took a backseat to iOS.


I'm just hoping that we see a response to this soon as I have both an iOS device for work and a Windows Phone device..... I'd love to have one service to encompass both (I have one with XBOX Music but that support is limited on the iPad though).....  


Still, I think I've had more issues with Spotify and I hated the scrobbling option in Android.... I mean, you have a native API in Android for this and you can't use it?

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