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[Desktop][Windows 10] Resizing on different display resolutions / aspect ratios

[Desktop][Windows 10] Resizing on different display resolutions / aspect ratios

When resizing on displays of different resolutions and/or aspect ratios, the Windows 10 Desktop Application version has issues rendering on a different display: specifically maintaining original aspect ratio and resolution.


What I have done: I have 2 displays of 1920x1080 and 3840x2160, when Spotify opens on the 1920x1080 display, moved to the 3840x2160 display, then maximized, the application only renders up to 1920x1080 pixels, but is still interactable as if it were 3840x2160.  See "spotify_resize_big.png". EDIT: Bottom Screenshot


The issue also occurs if the monitor is at a lower resolution and different aspect ratio: the application will only render up to the original aspect ratio based on the new resolution (not rendering the portion of the screen that is larger than the original aspect ratio). See "aspect_ratio_bug.png" EDIT: Top Screenshot

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Same problem here, although it took some digging to find this thread.


Main monitor is 16x9, second is 1080P. Cannot use Spotify unless it is in windowed mode on the 2nd monitor, as all of the controls are not visable. It's been present for at least month (when I first noticed it).

Bump. I have the same issue. Using three displays and one with only 1920*1080.

Spotify won`t go "fullscreen" on the uhd displays. 

I have this problem too. I have 2 monitors (1920x1200 and 1200x1920 (i.e one is landscape and the other is portrait)). If I open on the landscape monitor I can't make the spotify window any higher than 1200 pixels. However, if I open it on the portrait monitor, I can make the window as wide as I want.

I have this issue on my windows 10 machine but not on my mac in work. Spotify renders fine in 4k on OSX... What the **bleep**?

Same problem here, the window won't load properly if the app is opened on my 1920x1080 monitor and then moved to 1080x1920. It just gets cut off

Same problem here on Windows 10

Disable Hardware acceleration. It helped me with the problem. I have two monitors - one HD and the other Full HD.

@Dyankov wrote:

Disable Hardware acceleration.

Unfortunately your solution didn't work for me.

When Spotify opens maximized on my notebook's main screen (1366x768), the only way to make it maximize correctly on my secondary screen (1920x1080) is to restore the window to a smaller size, close Spotify and then reopen it.


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