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Discography merged - LFO

Discography merged - LFO

Hi Would it be possible to unmerge the discographies of LFO (low frequency oscillator- Warp records electro) and LFO (lyte funkie ones, not pioneering electro)? 


The lyte funkie ones 2001 album -life is good, (which is wasn't when this album unexpectedly interupted my sub-bass, sparse electro) shows up on the artist page of LFO, as does their 1999 album LFO. 


I can see how this is difficult to distinguish based on names alone, and if you are stuck for a solution maybe deleting all of the lyte funkie ones from your servers might be easiest! 



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Hey! Welcome to the community 🙂

This issue stems a little deeper than just multiple artists on the same page. Spotify currently does not have a way in the clients to separate artists with the same name, meaning anytime this happens the artists get merged onto a single page. There is a discussion about it over on the Ideas Exchange here. I can't imagine Spotify would ever delete content, since it is their aim to have all music available to everyone!


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