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[Discover Weekly] New updates on Tuesday

[Discover Weekly] New updates on Tuesday



2 weeks ago, on Monday, I somehow ended up having old "Discover Weekly" playlist on Desktop app, and a new one on mobile app. After that, I now have new updates on both apps always on Tuesdays, instead of Mondays.


Have anyone had similar issue? Is there a way to change it back to Mondays?


edit: I've tried logging out and/or unfollowing - didn't work.


Update: It fixed itself after 6 weeks.

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A different but maybe related problem. I get a double update, so i get on monday the Discover Weekly, but it lasts just for a day, as on tuesday i got a new playlist. Happened 3 times in last 4 weeks...very annoying

To my surprise, this week it went back to the original schedule - I had new "Discover Weekly" on Monday. Hope it will stay that way.

Right now i'm experiencing this problem. Update on tuesday with 29 new tracks + one "discared" track from the past. Weird.

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