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Hello .

I found a playlist called "Dolby Atmos" from How can i play this in Dolby Atmos?

I have an Denon 2400 and a XBox one.Both are able to play Atmos.

When i play the Insect Demo on my Xbox ihave real Dolby Atmos


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Hey @chiefofbagdad


Spotify and most other music streaming services play music in stereo mode (2 channels, one left and one right). Music these days is still released as stereo so there is no way to get it to playback in Dolby Atmos.


When I stream Spotify in my living room, I usually set my Denon AV receiver to "Multi Channel Stereo" mode. What this does is take the stereo audio signal and playback the signal on all of my speakers that I have. So each speaker will be outputing the stereo signal and you have full surround sound listening instead of just the front left and right speakers.


Hopefully this information helps you out.

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