DTS Play-fi app can´t create Spotify Groups

DTS Play-fi app can´t create Spotify Groups



When I try to create Spotify Speaker Groups in my DTS Play-FI app it sais that I have old unsupported devices. But I just bought them.


I am using pioneer mrx 3, VSX-932 | Pioneer but I cant group any of these devices.


Can you help?


Firmware is updated.

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Did you manage to resolve the issue with or get any kind of response from Pioneer or Play-Fi regarding it? I also just bought a Pioneer MRX5 speaker to add in a multi-room speaker setup using Spotify and was very disappointed to see it can't be added. There was no info about compatibility on the play-fi, pioneer or the reseller home page at all, other than it supporting multi-room, play-fi and Spotify - which I assumed meant it would work!..

Hello brother.


I have been hunting everyone for last 3 months about this. Every time they say that pioneers head office in Japan has to decide what to do. It is possible it wont work at all. And then what? I dont want it if it wont work.


its terrible, just terrible

Oh I'm sorry to hear that... I will send a support ticket to Pioneer about it and see if they tell me the same thing. It's pretty remarkable that DTS Play-Fi is marketed as a cross-brand "standard", which then turns out to be fragmented feature-wise without any possibity for consumers to find out ahead of buying the product if it will work as advertised. The "spotify groups" feature is clearly advertised from DTS Play Fi and shown in multiple screenshots on their home page and youtube channel, so buying the latest version of a Pioneer play-fi speaker I would expect it to work!

Yepp, marketing was way ahead of their developers this time...

I'm also stuck with the same problem with both the MRX-5 and the Onkyo TXL-20D Receiver. Both have been advertised with DTS Play-Fi and Spotify Connect. At least I can use them as a group with Fireconnect, but this is also not really convenient.

What I can say from my previous experience is that the Spotify connect landscape seems to be really fragmented, with the goal to support as many devices as possible while lacking consent over a common feature set.

Although I generally like Spotify, I have to admit that this confusing situation is kind of frustrating. After paying attention to the several spotify compatibility logos when looking for new hifi components and paying money to use spotify premium features on my devices, I still find myself googling through forums like this and finding only little information about actual device support and possible updates.

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