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Duplicate albums

Duplicate albums


I found a bug/glitch in the web player version of spotify: There are four versions of Drake's "Views" album (2 clean and 2 explicit versions). The clean versions are exactly identical, so are the explicit albums. Can somebody please explain why are there 4 versions?

P.S. See photo attached.

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Hey @SupriseYou, help's here.


Do you also see this in the app? This sounds like something similar to what's explained in this thread:

"It looks like the duplicate albums are appearing when an artist has reuploaded their music to Spotify. When an old version is removed, the original URI starts redirecting to the newer version but it looks like in some cases this is duplicating the album instead."


We've passed it to the right team. In the meantime, you should remove the duplicates and re-add them to your Library (in case both albums are removed).


Hope that helps, and let us know if there are any questions 🙂


Hey @SupriseYou,


Just wanted to provide an update on this:


It looks like the duplicates have been removed from the artist's profile.


In the web player, you'll still see two versions of the album 'Views', however note that one of them is the explicit version, while the other one is the clean version.


Let us know if you spot anything else!

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