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Erased Music

Well, hello.


It's been a week by now since I've noticed my music from "Songs" list was totally erased. I thought it was because some app upgrades, however, it stayed the same. I hope you can lend me some support here, for I'm totally useless with this sort of matters.


Thank you. 



EDIT: Haha, how things are: My music is back, thank you!

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 Hey @FrozenMilo, welcome to the Spotify Community.


We're glad your tunes are where they should be! If you run into any other issues, don't hesitate to let us know. We'll be more than happy to help.


Have a great one 🙂


I have the same problem: all of my downloaded music was erased out of nowhere.

Please help 😞 I had over 600 songs in my Iphone and I don´t know how to get it back.


Thank you!



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