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Error on Windows Mobile 10

Error on Windows Mobile 10

When I try to open the Spotify app on my Windows 10 Mobile phone (Lumia 950), I get the following error: 

"The audio could not be started. Please restart the application."

Soft resetting the phone works but having to do it every time every time is not a solution, it just adds insult to injury.

Added to that, for paid users, having to post on a community forum is far from ideal.
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same happens to me on Lumia 950 (both single and double sim phones)

And the silence from Spotify "support" is deafening 😞

The same happens to me. I will probably cancel my premium subscription.

I already have, and I'm now trialling Groove. So far so good, with no crashes or start refusals...

I have this exact same issue on my Lumia 950, Spotify premium and I have to restart my phone every time I want to use Spotify. Come on Spotify give us a solution??

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