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Volume randomly jumping up and down. Multiple platforms.

Volume randomly jumping up and down. Multiple platforms.

I'm having this random volume changing problem and it's driving me bananas. Random jumps up and down in volume. System volume at 50% Application voluime at about 50% as well. At first I thought it was just the web player on my work laptop, but then it started happening on my home desktop in the Spotify application (newest software version). The only place it has not happened is in the iPhone app, but I haven't been using that much lately.

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Hey @Griffbiff,


Do you mind just checking if you've got this option toggled? You can check under your Username > Settings > Show Advanced Settings > Playback.





Mate having the same issue even with my toggle swithced on (off seems to work better) but this is **bleep**en annoying...never have this issue with Apple music i think i know which subscription ill be cancelling!!

Yes, I have validated that that option is ticked on.  These random jumps up and down occur mid-track, not between songs.  Also worthy of note, I am very familiar with these songs.  They are on playlists that I started creating 2+ years ago.

It seems like a bug to me, but what is weird to me is not only are these different platforms, that being the web player and the Windows application respectivly, but also different operating systems.  Work laptop is Win7 x64 and home desktop is Windows 10.  If it weren't happening on my work laptop I would just attribute it to Windows 10 media settings and drill down into that.

Thanks for the tip, but it that did not work for me. Just turned it off and the problem persisted even after quitting the application and relaunching.

Hey @Griffbiff and @Frank77,


Thanks for posting your concerns, @Frank77 and thanks for getting back to me, @Griffbiff. I suggest to both of you that you try a clean reinstall of Spotify


Let me know how it goes! 


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