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Error when trying to submit my podcast to Spotify (email address)

Error when trying to submit my podcast to Spotify (email address)


When I tried to "upload" the RSS feed of my podcast to spotify i found this error:


 Captura de pantalla 2019-02-20 a las 21.21.25.png


What can i do to fix it?


Your podcast RSS feed is missing some things:

Email adress


The RSS is:


Thanks a lot!

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Thanks for getting in touch!


It looks like your email address contains something extra. Try using the following format:


<itunes:email> </itunes:email>



Hope this helps! Let us know if you have further questions.


Have a nice day.

I have the same problem. My RSS feed is:

Could you please tell me what to do? I have an email address added in my podbean account so i don't understand why it says it's missing.

Thank you!

i use anchor, how can i edit my rss? please help. thank you.

Hey there @tonguc and @EB1982,


Thanks for posting and welcome to the Community!


We'd suggest taking a look at this FAQ of Spotify for Podcasters which also includes a Spotify spec document that you can refer to for more info.


Hope this helps 🙂 Have a lovely day!

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but, not a solicion.. sorry:( i have mailed to anchor.

Hola! ¿Pudiste resolver este problema?


¡Desde ya muchas gracias!

None of Spotify answers helped us at all.


When researching about the problem here, all of them mention the FAQ and/or the e-mail, but, when we send the e-mail, the answer is exactly the same: "take a look at our FAQ".


It's been more than three months we're trying to submit our podcast, hosted in our own website, that has all the information needed, and no clear answer from the podcast team 'til now.

i send mail to anchor, anchor solved:) thanks a lot

Our feed has the code above, but, Spotify doesn't recognize it and says there's no e-mail adress.

I already saw the FAQ and sent e-mails, but, no answer til now - it's hosted in our own website, in fact.

Mine is doing the same thing, how can I fix it.

Como resolvo o problema de email?

To whom it may concern,


May someone please help me? I made a podcast on Anchor and want to post them on Spotify but I get the error message that my RSS feed doesn't have an email and I don't understand how to fix this. Please help.

Solved it. In Podbean go to Settings - Feed and add your contact email address

Hi what do you mean contains something extra? I have checked my email address on numerous occasions and still can't fix this issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

The solution is sett your email adress no your podcast server 


Hey, I had the same problem.

Here's how to fix it with ANCHOR:


Go to the "distribution" tab on the anchor website (this is where your RSS feed is), then scroll all the way down and enable "show personal email in RSS", then go back up and click "save". This process takes 10 minutes to take effect, so wait for a bit and then reload your page. Then copy the new RSS feed link and hopefully, that fixes your issue.

Hope I could help you guys 🙂

(Check out my new album "Lights" while you're here!)


All the best,


Ey! How you doing? 

But how do you solve the problem with a rss link from Ivoox??


Inside ivoox config

Unfortunately, I don't know how to fix this issue in iVoox. Try to contact them about "how to set your email public in the RSS feed link". Otherwise, just switch to Anchor 🙂

Stay safe and listen to 'Chris Sigl' on Spotify 🙂

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