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Exclude a specific Spotify Connect device from my statistics

Exclude a specific Spotify Connect device from my statistics

My kids often listen to radio plays and children's music on their own Spotify Connect device. Can I exclude their listening from being tracked in order that their listening doesn't influence my mixtapes and my mix of the week?


I don't have a family account. 

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Hi @cram_cram and welcome to the community! 🙂
If you disconnect a device it will only cause that device to not the stream music.
If your kids are listening while logged into your account (regardless of the device streaming it), any music played through the account will affect your own listening profile feedback.
The option to get around this would be a Family plan so they can have a sub-account and listen at the same time as you - or create a separate account for just their streaming preferences.
Hope this helps! 😄

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