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Extreme Quality with Samsung Smart TV Spotify App

Extreme Quality with Samsung Smart TV Spotify App



Is this a possibility? I am getting high frequency distortion that leads me to believe that the Samsung Smart TV Spotify app streams at a much lower quality rate.

4 Replies

I have the Samsung MU8000, streaming music from Spotify was fine (via the TV speakers, I guess since you don't really get any lows from the built in speakers). I got a new Samsung sound bar (connected via HDMI) and TV, Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Instant Video etc., sounded great but Spotify would be extremely distorted (sounded like blown speakers from an old car). If I streamed Spotify directly to the sound bar the music was great which has me concluding its the Spotify app on the Samsung TV.

I'm having this problem also with the Q6F -- have tried reinstalling, logging out, logging in with new user; still sounds distorted.

Hi  ! We are many here with an awful sound from spotify on smart TV when playing from a remote device. Everything coming out from Spotify on my TV is very saturated. and it happens only on spotify. Whethever the output setting from Spotify is way to high and saturates, whetever the sound quality is too low. and it's really a shame that it's taking month to fix this. We are not asking for a new very special feature, but just to get what we are paying for properly.



Spotify on Samsung Tizen TV is using different audio output method as compared to e.g. YouTube or any other Web players. I guess this would explain the difference you see with other apps. From Spotify App for Tizen perspective there is no difference in the behavior whether the sound is comming from TV Speakers or Sound Bar or HDMI receiver.

You have to get in touch with Samsung Tech Support to get help on this issue.



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