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Firstly, thank you very much for adding custom playlist descriptions and art! Sharing my Spotify playlists is one of my favourite things and this is a great way to personalize them further.


However, I noticed a small issue when I posted my playlist on Facebook. Apostrophes show up as:


It looks like Spotify is passing HTML encoded characters to Facebook instead of UTF-8. Not a huge issue, but probably not that hard to fix either 🙂

Screen Shot 2016-11-01 at 11.24.46.png
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Hey @chrisrazor


It's not cool that this happens. Just to confirm, is it showing normal on the app? Let us know if the same occurs when posting to Twitter or a different place.


If possible, send us the URI of the playlist to take a closer look.


Take care 🙂




I am having the same problem today. It's the same when I try other web locations/services. I've tried to copy/paste standard text + ASCII without any luck.

Are there any fixes (or workarounds) for this?


Thanks a bunch!

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