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Fake Streams - 22/05

Fake Streams - 22/05

Hello, I would like to make a complaint about Brazil.

Some songs take positions without explanation, and instead of facing penalties, they only increase their editorial coverage.

Example 1:

This song remained unexplained for 2 weeks at the top spot with an average of 1.5 million plays when on May 15th it dropped to just 526,000 streams.



However, on May 14th, Tuesday, it garnered 1.5 million streams, but on Wednesday, it lost 1 million! It's not just that!



On March 16th, it returns to almost 1 million plays.


Returning to having 1.5 million streams on the 18th.


Well, nothing happened, no celebrity posted this song; it simply comes from 1 million daily fake streams, and on the 15th, it didn't work. A complaint has already been made to Spotify Brazil, but nothing is being done. It's worth noting that this song isn't even in the top 20 of the platform's biggest editorials.

Another song by the same artist, this song has no editorial, no TikTok video, no Reels, and no one can explain how it enters the top 50.


This artist is even offering their Spotify promotion service to other artists! Look at the other artist from the same management, also with 0 editorials.
See, same label!



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Below, a flaw that causes various artists to start investing in bots on the platform, through a package of 50 playlists with less than 400 followers but yield over 1,000 plays daily.


Today: May 22, 2024


All these playlists yield approximately the same number of plays every single day. On weekends, the number triples. This puts many artists in the top 200 without explanation.

Playlists list.

Is there a way for me to send these emails directly to a development team, anonymously? It's risky!

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