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Feedback on Spotify

Feedback on Spotify


Dear Spotify,


I have some feedback to help you improve your product. I've been a subscriber for 7 years now. 


1. Feedback ease. Very simple, but it is exceedingly difficult for me to actually give feedback. Why do you put so many barriers to this? It would better to have an easy feedback form in Spotify app. Even in this forum I found it really difficult to find how to make a thread and almost gave up. You will never learn what your users think, the issues I have are so simple but affect me so many times.  



I had written 2 more points but im told that I cannot post that in this community. You guys dont deserve to get feedback... 


2 Replies

Hey @_e4tlmas8-42j


Could you try posting your thoughts again through an incognito window or another browser? 🙂

Also, let me know if you saw a specific error message when posting here.


Looking forward to your reply!

I just want to send feedback to someone at Spotify that my recommendations are over-fitting. Every single play list is the same artists, songs, sometimes just the same song by a different artist. It’s making me NUTS. I just want to listen to something different & I can’t. This is such a frustrating experience that I barely want to use the product any more. 

Please add a feedback form some where so your product team can get better insights. 

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