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Firestick issues






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Whilst playing the app worked fine for a couple of songs until the ad came on and the stalled and would not progress t the next track. Closing down the session and re opening a new session the programe reverts back to the previous selection  and plays without sound (the time bar showing progress) this selection cannot be stopped.  If I try to open a new song the previous selection is showing as still playing even if according to the time bar it should be finished.

I've tried deleting the and rinstalling the app a couple of times and the same thing happens.

 Can any one please help?


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Hey @Fartsplsh.


Thanks for reaching out to us about this.


A few users who were experiencing a similar issue with the Firestick said that updating to the lastest version seems to have fixed any issues. Do you mind trying that and seeing if it works for you too?


If not, let us know and we'll take a closer look 😉

Thanks for your reply, when I tried the programme the next day everything
worked fine an has done ever since. So hopefully everything is OK.

Thanks again

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