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Ford Sync Integration discontinued

Ford Sync Integration discontinued

Why was the Spotify Integration discontinued with Ford?  I have to connect to Spotify through BT now, and do not get the song/artist information on my console. 

Will this option / integration be brought back?

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Hi i solved this. uninstall the last version of spotify and install the spotify-8-4-32-623.apk.

and spotify app now show again in Sync 3.

also you dont update spotify for now. 


I used to listen spotify in my FORD Cmax with FORD sync, I think this is a killer feature and I totally dissapointed your exclude the integration.

I should downgrade the spotify in my phone in order to follow use spotify with FORD sync.

I don't want use Android Auto in order to use spotify , my phone is not working fine with Android Auto.

I think you should re-consider and add the code lines excluded last January 2018 release


King regards,

so disappointed in this.. android auto is a pain because you have to plug it into usb, applink worked over bluetooth. going to have to consider pandora at this point, its really the option with applink

It’s horrible Spotify took this feature out. Can’t even connect via BTaudio in sync2. Spotify in the car is over....

i can't believe that spotify doesn't have a support phone number to reach them.

I have a 2017 ford focus with basic sync and this totally sucks since my partner and i use the premium spotify. they need to change the integration for ford sync.

I just signed up for a 30 day trial for Siriusxm, and use Iheartauto & Pandora just because no more artist info.




With me it works again all of a sudden. Spotify connects with Sync again. As soon as I step in the car it automatically connects. Maybe a new update fixed it again?

ford focus 2017 SyncII

I have basic sync goodluck to everyone else can't seem to get song or artist title with ford applink through  Bluetooth 

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