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Honestly Spotify... This issue has been going on for OVER A YEAR with no solution in sight from you guys. 

The problem is as follows,

Ask Google to play a song: "hey google play Thothiana"

Google: "Okay, here's Thothiana by Blueface"

Google: Plays Song Radio based on Thothiana, instead of the song I requested.


I deadass have asked Google to play this song every day this week with zero issues...I woke up today and was met with this issue first attempt. 


Here are some similar user threads describing the same issue: 


The thread above is from FEBRUARY 3RD 2018 and the spotify response was:

"After some testing on our end, we've confirmed this is expected behaviour with Google Home."

Yeah that response is complete**bleep** because it has literally worked for me everyday for the past several months, up to today.


Here is another thread from April 2018 describing the EXACT same issue I am having:


No response from spotify...I wonder why?


Here is another user thread, again exact same issue....this one is from DECEMBER 2017


Here is the official response from spotify: 

"We haven't heard from you in a while so we'll be closing this thread for now."


Is this actually **bleep**ing joke? What kind of customer support is this? You do realize we are PAYING for your service right? 










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Hi I'm having literally the same problem all I want is for the Google Home Speaker is to play Into The Unknown from Frozen and then she says she's going to play into the unknown from Frozen 2 and she list the correct artists and then she plays some stupid techno beat by Tom Bolton. This is not what I wanted to listen to I haven't tried it with other songs but this is absolute garbage and nowhere on the Spotify community help has anyone seem to have the answer.


I'm paying for Spotify family and every single day I question that decision.  Trying to google this exact problem right now and the only response I found from spotify is "that is the correct behavior".  I am looking into other options besides Spotify family right now because this is unacceptable.


Hey folks,


Thanks for reaching out to us about this.


This (requesting a song plays song radio) is the expected behaviour of the app if you're on Spotify free.


If you're experiencing this behaviour, do you mind doing the following:

  • logging out/logging back in again
  • checking your subscription status in your account page?

If your account is showing as Premium, do you mind trying the same voice command from another Spotify account?

That way, we'll know if this is an account-specific issue or if it's a wider issue which needs to be investigated.

Thanks - keep us posted!

The users having this problem are very clearly NOT using the free account, if you actually read the complaints. I'm having the same problem, have logged in and out, linked and unlinked, and tweaked every conceivable thing that I can on my end, but nothing has helped. Please look into fixing your software. I am NOT on a free account either. This is NOT normal behavior.


Same problem here. I'm trying to switch from Google Play Music, but this is a deal breaker if Spotify can't fix this.


Hey all,


Could you give us a few examples? We'd like both examples for cases when it works and for when it doesn't. So this means what you request and what you actually hear.


Looking forward to your reply.

Happened to me twice in the past 24 hours. Latest firmware on google. All iOS devices. Family premium.

Okay google play Travis Tritt on Spotify. Plays. No Issue.

Okay google pause this. Play The Other Side by Hugh Jackman. Pauses. Plays Travis Tritt.

Okay google stop this. Play The Other Side by Hugh Jackman. Stops. Plays Travis Tritt.

Okay google stop this. Play The Greatest Showman Soundtrack . Stops. Plays Travis Tritt.

Completely reboot the google speaker. Works fine. Have to unplug and reboot everything weekly on my end. Extremely frustrating.


"Hey Google, play Carly Rae Jepsen Emotion" plays "I Really Like You", the third song from the album Emotion


Funny enough, "Hey Google, play Emotion by Carly Rae Jepsen" plays the song "Emotion".

I keep having this issue. My account is premium. Very frustrating. Google says (eg) Playing Paradise George Ezra but will then play some random song like Cheerleader by Omi. Very frustrating when paying a premium for Premium!


I've had a very similar issue, though Google will actually say it's playing the song I asked for, then play something completely different. Spotify family premium account. 



 - Okay Google, play No Day But Today from the Rent movie soundtrack. 

 - Okay, playing No Day But Today by Idena Menzel. 

 - *plays Without You by Rosario Dawson*


It did something similar last week, I don't remember the songs involved, but it was a wildly different song and when I asked for the correction it would confirm the song I'd ask for, and then resume the same song 

Not sure if it's a Google or Spotify issue, but hopefully more information to troubleshoot helps! 

Same issue for me.
I ask Google for a specific song or album and it says it will play the correct song /album. But then plays a completely different song.
It has done this for every song I've requested for several weeks now.
It's getting to the point where I'm going to cancel my Spotify subscription.
I have a premium family account, I've unlinked and relinked my Spotify account in Google home, but it hasn't fixed the issue.


As others have mentioned, this problem is still happening on premium accounts. I've tried it on two different premium accounts, and get the same results:

Me: "Hey Google, play <song X> by <artist Y> on Spotify"

Google Home: " Okay, playing <song X> by <artist Y> on Spotify"

Spotify: plays some random song that may or may not even be related to what I asked it to play.


If this is "expected behavior" for Spotify premium, and/or Spotify have no intention of fixing this problem, then I'm cancelling my premium subscription. 


It's absolutely ridiculous that this has been happening this long and still hasn't been fixed.


Okay, Peter. You've had a few months of premium users giving you specific examples. You can't tell me you or someone you know isn't experiencing this exact issue. It's been wide spread issue for at least 2 years and needs to be fixed. Any updates for us paying users??


Too late for us, we've already switched back to Google Play Music. We request most of our music through Google Home and this bug was just too infuriating.


I have tried changing the accounts but it gave me the same result. I would say “hey google, play the song Destined for greatness” google would say “Choosing songs are only for Spotify premium subscribers but try this destined for greatness station” and she would play some random song that doesn’t relate to the title nor the artist. I got google on Christmas and every time I asked to play a song, she would say the same thing about how only premium users choosing songs but she would actually play the song Or a song related to the artist or the title. But now she just plays random songs. She would play the correct artist if I requested an artist but not the correct song if I requested a song. The same problem is occurring with my siblings google device too. I tried everything from changing accounts to resetting my entire google device but it’s always the same results. 


any eta on this fix? It’s driving me nuts. I’m a family premium user and I basically have to use my phone every time to correct the issue.


hey google, play x song by y artist on Spotify

okay, playing x by y artist on Spotify


plays a random song


every time.


Does it help if you set up a routine in you home account? Not a solution but a workaround if you are always saying the same thing and Google is getting wrong.


It won't help though for the case where Google is hearing you correctly and is giving you the wrong music. 


I honestly think this is no fault of Spotify but Google but it is pretty annoying. 

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