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Gear S3 spotify offline playlist shuffle

Gear S3 spotify offline playlist shuffle


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This issue has been on going for sometime and is seriously starting to irk me.  Why am I unable to shuffle my songs on my gear S3 when using it offline? This problem has been going on since I bought the S3 solely for the promise of having the ability to use spotify offline and having the shuffle ability is pretty key and essential in my opinion. I posted this same issue almost a full year ago and got no reply from spotify support and just seems insulting.  Please let the community know if this issue will ever be fixed or if you are going to continue just ignoring a small selection of your community due to us being irrelevant and having an awkward device


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Hey @Mikeward, help's here.


Let's try a couple of thing (retry the Shuffle feature after each step):

  • Make sure that the OS on your watch is up to date.
  • Reinstall the app on your watch (will require you to download your music again).
  • Remove all you offline devices from your account page.

If that doesn't work, could you send us a video of how it looks? We want to help you out as much as we can. 


Thanks! 🙂




I'm entirely convinced this isn't a bug. This is just an issue of a feature not been implemented into the software and I can't figure out why. I have attached an image from someone else experiencing the exaxt same issue. I have tried the above steps so many times and would just like a straight answer about why the shuffle feature isn't implemented. It's not a big ask. I've been a loyal spotify customers a while now and have had little to complain about. But this gear app has me seriously disappointed. Please don't try get me to go through all them steps when I've done them plenty of times. 






Dear Spotify,


This is the problem with your customer support. You are quick enough to suggest ver basic and generic tech supports that gives an illusion that you know what you are talking about it. However when a user has a genuine gripe or issue with a product we are just ignored and not given any information. 


Pleas me could you just update me on the following:

- Will the spotify app for Samsung wearable ever have an offline shuffle

- Why hasn't there been an update to the App since December 2017


That is all



Hey again @Mikeward,


We'd like to have a close look at this. We just need some more info if you don't mind:

  • Can you confirm that you have playlists downloaded on your watch?
  • Does the message about Shuffle availability pop up as soon as you hit the Shuffle button?
  • Exact model of the watch.

Looking forward to hearing back from you!

The playlist I am trying access has been downloaded to my watch. And the shuffle feature (When pressing the three dots at the bottom of the watch) still says "not currently available offline" this happens when the spotify is changes to offline in settings and when away from phone. 


When I press the "shuffle play" at the start of the playlist it does go to a random song however it will then continue to play it in the sequence the playlist is in. For example I hit the button and it will go to song 12 in the playlist and then when I hit next it will go to 13 and then 14 and so on. 


My watch model is gear S3 frontier, Tizen version




Any update on this ?



Over a week and still no reply? Would like an update please.  I can't see why this is taking so long to look into



Yet another week gone by with no update from anyone . After saying it would be looked into.


It's not like there are other music streaming apps that can be used with the galaxy watch series.  You literally are the only one we can use. Which means we are stuck with a very buggy and unfinished app which no one wants to take responsibility for.  Please either fix the offline shuffle "bug" or tell us why it's not implemented. 





Still waiting for any kind of update.  As I was promised

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