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Getting local files to play on Google Home

Getting local files to play on Google Home

Hey, I've figured out how to get local files to download across devices (phones and laptops) however I can't figure out how to get it to then play on Google Home. Help? 🙂

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The device on which the local files are stored need to be switched on.

Eg. I have a bunch of songs on my main desktop computer and as soon as I boot Windows up, I'm also able to play these songs on my Google Home.

I'm curious if this worked for the OP, because I have the same problem and it didn't solve the issue for me 😞

My Google Home is able to accept the command and confirms it by saying 'Alright, here's your Spotify playlist ...........' but it doesn't play any music, and says 'Sorry, something went wrong...' 


These local files are saved on my mobile device and my laptop and they're both on and connected to the network.


Any ideas?

same problem : I cannot play a local file or a file in my itunes playlists on google home using spotify

Same problem. Has anyone figured this out?

Same problem.  On the desktop app, I also select the devices menu.  When Google Home actions the command, the Google Home device appears in the Spotify device list but there is a line which states "cannot play this song."

Probably a permission setting somewhere.

Decided to end my subscription on SPOTIFY and goto a paid subscription on google play.  Using the music manager to upload to the google servers, lets me play these playlists via voice command on google home.

Any updates on this issue? 

I have local files saved on my iphone and desktop, but cant seem to get google home to play them. Similar issue to everyone else

I have the same problem. I cannot play my ripped music using google home and spotify.   It worls ok if I am hard wired in the car or I play them using my Yahama app using Wi/fi.  I am guessing the songs are not stored on spotify servers whics is why google home can not cast the music. It does not know where to pull it from.?.   I get a message saying to use my device to play this music..  I hope spotify figures out how to make this work. 

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