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Greyed out songs


Greyed out songs

I've noticed that songs coming up in the search results are occasionally greyed out, and I can't play them.This happens on mobile devices, the web player and the desktop player. I originally figured those were premium-only or something, but having started a trial I noticed they're still greyed out. I also noticed that the amount of greyed out songs seems to be increasing. At first I thought this was a regional block (I'm currently in Germany, and some of the greyed out music works in the Netherlands); in many cases, this applies to entire albums (such as this album). However, I'm increasingly seeing it on individual songs on an album (e.g., the first and eighth song on this album), and even on songs that I used to be able to play in the past.  Also of note- songs aren't greyed out consistently. For example, the album I linked above was added to a playlist by the band, and the songs look normal there.


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This question is similar, but the reason there was related to playing on a mobile device.

This question is basically the same as mine (I think...), but has gone unanswered for three years, so I figured I'd make a more detailed question about it.

This solved question supports the idea that a regional block is the cause, but I'm really confused as to how that relates to individual songs being blocked (as compared to full albums, which I understand). See also here and probably many similar questions.

Here it is stated that this also applies to unreleased material.

This suggests that album removals are also common.


Is there any way to see why I can't play these songs (unreleased/no artist permission/other reasons)?

Is there some kind of censorship setting in the client that I missed?

I did find a 'show unavailable tracks in playlists', which was turned off until I found it just now.




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Hey @mickfinnery7! Welcome to the Spotify Community. ^^


The songs may not be available in your country.

Sometimes content gets removed because of licensing changes.

I'd recommend reading this article for more info.


Hopefully Spotify will have it available again soon! ^^


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Hey there @namnatulco and welcome to the community! The greyed out tracks just mean that for whatever reason, they are unavailable in your country. This could be due to licensing or the request of the record label or artist. Unfortunately, this is something that Spotify doesn't have control over as it is up to the individual music companies. 


Is there something missing that you were expecting to see? Go ahead and submit a request here to find out about missing content.

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Thanks for the response! Having moved to Germany fairly recently, I thought this might be related to the pretty strict censorship laws here, rather than due to the labels, but I guess that isn't the case then.

It'd be cool to see why they aren't playable, though. I guess I'm correct in assuming that's not possible?

Not necessarily impossible! Follow that link at the bottom. You can enquire about it there. Sometimes you can find out, other times you cannot very easily. In some cases like Taylor Swift's, it makes the news, so sometimes you can Google it to find out. 

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I have the same problem with certain songs. In the past I was able to play this songs. They turned to grey only a  few weeks ago.




The same songs are available on my phone, but not on the web player? Every song on multiple playlists I created happen to go out of liscence all at once?


What's the deal, Spotify? I pay for premium, and this is anything but.

many greyed out songs

why are songs in a playlist working on spotify on my Mac, but not on ipod; songs are greyed out only on ipod, but download arrow symbol is marked green.???


It seems like no one will ever answer us. They get our subscription money, and provide zero customer service. **bleep** SPOTIFY.

Yes, I have the same problem.

A few months ago, I could access all these Thievery Corporation tracks, which I saved to my list.

But now half of them are greyed out.

I am still on Premium. I haven't changed my location.

But I do get the same problem across all my devices.


Has anyone come across a solution yet?

I find the 'solution' to be a crock. The majority of songs in a playlist are greyed out but I can happily play them. It's just I can't see what is being played!


Spotify fix this bug, ok???

"Not available in your country"?

What about songs ripped from cd's or purchased on another service?

This is not particular to Spotify. I had songs by Dogg Master saved to playlists in Spotify and had even paid for them in iTunes store where for a period of weeks they were unavailable at the same time. Out of curiosity, I checked Amazon UK and the same album was also withdrawn for sale there. These tracks have since reappeared so I would say this is strictly a licencing issue.

but im having this problem with a album ive heard before 

As I said above, I have even had this with music bought and paid for on iTunes. This is a rights issue and if the artist or publisher changes their position on rights the track can be lost to the listener. Streaming and the rights associated with it are a complex issue and the only way to ensure you have access is to buy the music on disc or download

Just to strengthen this argument I've attached a complete mess that is the Blues Brothers Soundtrack. Just look at the randomness with which songs are grayed out. BTW, this is the same case on my PC. I am in the United States.

I'll search for a album and it will be fine except for one song, but if I look up that one song by itself, it won't show up. 


Song in question is Let Me Down Easy from the Hardcore Henry OST.

I lost access to The Best of Black President 2 (Fela Kuti) in Spain a few days ago, so sad... I really liked this album. On the other hand, a song by Prince that had been greyed out "came back" a few days ago.. I know it's producer's / record label's choice in most cases but it is really annoying for customers... Maybe Spotify should pay attention to this, negotiate deals or whatever...

I agree. Why is there no Spotify customer service phone #? That's just ridiculous!

Ken Fougère

Same artist, same country, one song is OK the other is unlicensed?


Somehow it still strange it happens.


For example 16 years ago I bought the official soundtrack CD of the movie Le Fabuleux Destin Amelie Poutain with music from Yann Tiersen. I bought this CD in my home country the Netherlands, when I want to listen to this album on Spotify some songs are unplayable(greyed out) like the first one and I'm still in the Netherlands.


Are there differences with the licence between the CD and a streaming service like Spotify?

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