Hear two different versions of the song in different devices

Hear two different versions of the song in different devices







iPhone 5s, Desktop App and Web player

Operating System

iOS 11, Windows 10 (both latest versions)

My Question or Issue

 Hello, so here's the problem, when I listen to Heart Upon My Sleeves by Avicii, if  I play the son on my iPhone I listen to an acoustic version of the original song (which must be kept because it's beautiful) but if, while listening, I switch device (either Desktop App or Web Player) I hear the original version of the song

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On your iPhone, do you usually listen to this acoustic version through a playlist or through the artists's page? Do you have this version saved on your iphone (outside of the app)?


Well usually by going to the artist’s page and selecting the album, but even if I save the song in my playlist nothing changes because if I switch to my computer I listen to the original song and I noticed that I could’t hear the original version of the song in my iPhone


You don't have the acoustic version as a local file on your iphone? 

Nope, I don't have the album


Nope I don't


You can try contacting technical support through their official twitter profile @SpotifyCares


I was experiencing this very same issue with some songs and I've just figured out that it has been happening because I had some versions of these songs on my Desktop. Whenever I'd play them on Spotify App or through the Web App the different versions would be played. Delete some mp3 files from your computer.

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