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Hello, Can I block specific artists even if they are featured in a playlist?

Hello, Can I block specific artists even if they are featured in a playlist?

I am linked to my facebook and even though I generally make my own playlists featuring the music I like ofcourse, sometimes I just listen to the top100 because I want to hear diffrent things, the problem is the occasional Justin Bieber, Nickleback, One Direction etc. which I don't want to hear/listen to.


Is there anyway to block those artists so their songs can't be played anymore.


I use Spotify Premium if that is helpful information



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Any news on this?
I'd like to block Kanye West, Drake, and Katy Perry. ಠ_ಠ

It wasn't so hard when Taylor Swift asked for it! It's just one extra option in a dropdown menu, and millions of happy spotify users. Listen, we don't even care if you have some agreement to pay Bieber and his ilk everytime *you* want to play him in a playlist, just let *us* have the option not to listen to blatantly unwanted music.

If only I could block him and so many other "artists" from all internet and radio stations!

Dude, WarpOs,you're just a cheapo.  Plain and simple.  

Still waiting for it.

5 years later, have the devs managed to rub a few sticks together and create this feature?

I would like to block artist / songs on a play list / radio level, example being I have an upbeat playlist but Spotify keeps sugesting slower or acoustic or accapella songs by the same artist. I want to block them for that particular playlist but still may want to hear them on other play lists. There just need to be a + and - button available in the radio and reccomended songs list.

I am a paid premium subsciber but still find myself using the Music app on my samsung and VLC on my pc just out of conveniance, which leaves me asking, what am I payin these cavemen for?

Please do that!! my boss son keeps listen to the same band over and over! 

More than 5 years later and a dozen request, and hits on google how to block a album, artist or song. Don't get it why it is so hard to fix this and listen to the community who PAYS for it. I really don't like some artist and even the thought they get paid because there are in a certain playlist makes me go mad! I pay to listen what i want, not the other way arround. 

That's why I ditched spotify and went with Tidal. Couldn't be happier.

I'd love to block Iggy Azalea. Please make this happen. I usually listen to my own playlists but sometimes it'll suggest another song and suddenly IA is burning my ears. As a self-proclaimed 80s/90s rap connoisseur, IA and many of today's artists need a blocking option for people like me.

please please please add that feature !!! its annoying when good songs are playing and you have a song such as 070shake "honey" plays and you hear someone moaning with a voice that sounds like toilet flushing its anoooooying !! so please add that feature thank you 🙂

Just go to Tidal.  I switched a few months back and i have never looked back.

You must be one of the few yet to have problems with Tidal.  Their customer service is awful, and they do not deliver what they claim to be able to.  For your sake, I hope you don't have problems with them, as getting anything resolved is next to impossible.  I cancelled my subscription after 15 days of the free trial, yet they charged me for two months.  I got my bank to refuse the second charge, but found it easier to cancel my card after they tried a third time.  Just my humble opinion, but Tidal is a scam.

This is actually a problem that is making me consider my subscription with Spotify. I love finding new music, but it becomes a frustrating experience if i keep hearing an artist i dislike, played again, and again and again.


I'm a big fan of Spotify, but I'm thinking i might have more control on another platform

Would be a great idea!

i get brain cancer with some artist when pop from some random list! Spotify aready close de same idea. ARgggggg!

Edit: It just happend to me when i finish posting ¬¬

I also have been stuck with Sam Smith on my release radar all the time.  Is so annoying.  But I can tell you from being with Apple music for a year that it's 1000 times better than Apple music.  They just keep pushing Taylor Swift on everyone.  No matter how many times you tell it to not play TS, it just keeps firing it at you all the time. 

I am having the same problem with "Bhad Bhabie" being played on suggested playlists for rap music??? Would really like a solution for this!

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