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Home Automation Integration

Home Automation Integration

I am an A/V and Home Automation dealer. We have sold hundreds of Sonos systems and integrated them with Control4 Automation systems. A recent change to your API has removed the full featured integration that allowed Spotify to be navigated via Control4 touchscreens and on screen GUIs. This has absolutely been devestating to my many clients and how they use their systems. A premium subscription was required for this to operate which represents alot of revenue for Spotify. I will be sending out an email to all my clients recommending  them cancel their subscriptions and switch to a more integrator friendly service, such as Deezer, Tidal, or others. I am not sure what drove this decision, but it was not well thought out. I have already cancelled my subscription.

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I could not agree more and when you contact Spotify support they are cluless and provide no insight.  I too signed up for Family Premium only to find out that the latest upgrade does not support Control 4 integration at ALL!!!

So disappointing and contemplating cancelling my subscription

Spot on! I've two C4 systems and I'm ripping out Sonos and Spotify and going Tidal and Pandora. I'm going to use all native C4 apps. 

Agreed.  If this is not corrected by the end of this month, I also will cancel Spotify.  I wonder what this is costing them in revenue???

This happened to me last week. Didn't knoa what was happening and couldn't find any number to call. I hope the Spotify people read this because I was going to get the family plan (I have the premium) but I will cancel the whole thing if this is not corrected soon

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