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Scrobble Spotify songs to using the web player

Scrobble Spotify songs to using the web player

Is it possible with the new version?

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Hey chdur, you sure can! Here's how: [link] Let us know how it goes.

Those instructions worked with the old version of the web player.

Please keep your documentation up to date. It's one thing for engineering documentation to fall behind during rapid development with a small team, but it is simply poor UX for user-facing documentation to be this obsolete. You can't expect users to effectively use your product if the designers can't even explain how to use it.


The new interface is nice to look at, but because I can't figure out how to manage my settings properly, I am currently looking for alternative services. 

I'd agree with you, Le_Zissou ,  but I don't know if the person who replied ( mrgsteele ) is from Spotify team... which it would be actually WORSE since this means that it has been over 14 days and no official answer was given since then. 

it's happening to me too and idk why they didn't solve it already since a lot of ppl have this problem too

I've switched to Deezer.

Solved this problem for me. I was a Spotify user for many years, but have been increasingly unhappy with the service. Why stay?

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