How to get clean versions of songs on mobile?


How to get clean versions of songs on mobile?

I can't seem to find the clean versions of some songs. Idk if some songs don't have a clean version or what, but I can't find them.
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This is kind of a pain but on the mobile app if you type in a specific song you are looking for and scroll down you'll find multiple listings under the same song name. One of those is the clean versio usually and then you can go from there to the album with the rest of the clean songs. Just discovered this today

Thank you only some artists edit there songs they release two of the same
album the second one should be edited.


Thank you!! Very helpful when trying to make a clean playlist!

Easiest way I found is to type the artist name and ttpe in clean after and will give all the artist songs that are tge clean version

If you look up a song, then u select all songs and it will have two versions, one is clean and one is explicit

You can search for the artist and song/album at the same time on mobile. So for example, Demi Lovato Confident.


I don't think this is a sufficient answer. The new Tribe Called Quest album has both a clean and explicit version on Spotify. I have the clean version saved to my library (which I probably did in desktop), but its impossible to search for it on mobile. It is very frustrating because I want to listen to hip hop around my kids but cant find anything on the go.

You just search for the artist (e.g. Demi Lovato) and then the album after (e.g. Confident). Look for "Albums" and tap "Select All Albums". The clean version should be listed there (along with the explicit version) if the artist released a clean version of the album to Spotify. Artists usually don't release that many clean versions to Spotify like they do for Apple Music.


Explicit is the dirty one 


My enhancement request would be to have a filter to remove all the Explicits from download or searches.  I can add back one song at a time later.  


Some days you just reach your F--- limit.


It would be very usuful on the mobile app. I sure most people use the mobile app. 


hey guys, I found out that some versions of the song are clean. For example, Bodak Yellow, a very explicit song, has a clean version.


Good job, Spotify!  It looks like someone is reading these forum posts.


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