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I can’t open a playlist

I can’t open a playlist






iPhone 7

Operating System

iOS 11.3


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 I can’t open any of my playlists because it keeps saying that the link can’t be opened on my device. How do I fix this? 

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I have the exact same problem and it’s pretty dang frustrating. I get that pop up notification saying Spotify can’t open the link. Not sure how to fix it

Me too! I don’t know why that is happening!

I having the same issue! I even tried re downloading the app, but nothings worked 😞 

Same here, something is wrong

Same here, something must be wrong

Happening to me too! It just started around 15 minutes ago and I’ve never had this problem before. I hope somebody can figure it out soon.

Dude, same! It started up maybe 30 mins ago and it’s super annoying- I’m guessing it’s happening to a lot of people. 

Same here only Im in europe, runing on the same iOS and iPhone 7

Anyone know what happen to Spotify?? I tried to restart my phone, delete and re-install the app but still have the same problem 

Same, just updated phone as well and still not working 

I’ve been looking through a couple posts about this problem, and saw a consistent problem. Everyone who’s Spotify playlists aren’t working don’t have premium, and I am having the same problem where I can’t open playlists and I don’t have premium either. Just a thought, but now is Spotify making us pay for playlists?

Same for me, I’ve been trying to fix it by deleting it and downloading it again but nothing works. Hope someone finds a solution!

Me too! And I deleted and reloaded the app. 

This is happening to me too.

Me too 

same here every time i try to hit one of my playlists it says it can’t open it, i hope someone figures something out soon 😕 

same here every time i try to hit one of my playlists it says it can’t open it, i hope someone figures something out soon 😕 

I can’t open anything except for artists and full albums, and it doesn’t show the songs in the album either

Yeah this is happening to me too, this has never happened to me before so I’m quite confused on why this is happening. For me the problem started 10-15 mins ago and I was listing to one of my playlists but I tried to open another, and I couldn’t. Although it continued to play the song, so I don’t know if they are fixing something or not, but hopefully this problem is solved soon 😕 

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