I made a meme playlist and now if I play another playlist every other song is a meme song

I made a meme playlist and now if I play another playlist every other song is a meme song

Made a meme playlist and now every other song is a meme on every playlist can I fix it thanks I tried turning it off and on and reloading and stuff but it still does it even if I delete the playlist






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Hey @Simpatell, do you mind providing a little more information? Has Spotify replaced songs in your own user created playlists or has it added strange songs to your algorithmically created playlists (such as Discover Weekly and Release Radar). If it is the former issue, what device are you using, and is there a 3rd party service or tool that you have added to Spotify to create playlists or edit them?

Hi it hasent added anything and I don’t have any 3rd party applications, I
was playing a song from Spotify Christmas music and it played songs from my
meme playlist saying it was in the Christmas playlist, but when I clicked
it the song didn’t show up in the Christmas playlist. Thank you ##- Please
type your reply above this line -##

Are you using the web player or the app on a device? 

Just a guess, but since you're on free, these could be recommended songs. Spotify may think that you genuinely enjoy listening to meme songs (depending on how new your account is or how frequently you listened to the playlist), has characterized you as such, and is recommending you songs which match that taste. You may want to consider deleting the meme playlist (since adding songs to a playlist influences Spotify's profile on you), skipping, tapping or clicking the 🚫 if any meme song comes up, or otherwise indicating to the algorithm that you do not genuinely want to listen to meme songs. This link shows you your top listened-to songs of all time, and if meme songs are near the top, they're probably a big infleunce.


Just a guess though, and if they aren't recommended songs, I'm not sure what could be causing this issue.

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