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Is it okay to link to a spotify playlist from a (commercial) ebook

Is it okay to link to a spotify playlist from a (commercial) ebook

Hi guys, 

I'm a self publishing author. In my new novel I'd like to include a spotify playlist of songs that are closely related to the story but I'm wondering if I am stepping on any toes with this regarding copyrights/commercial use or else? 


Some background:

It's a german novel to be released for the german/swiss/austrian market via kindle direkt publishing. A big part of the plot is something along the lines of a musical scavenger hunt. Of course I don't quote directly from the songs because of copyright reasons but the story would benefit a lot if I could provide the reader with an accompanying spotify playlist so that he/she can listen to the songs that are discussed (would be around 10 songs total). To do this I'd like to include a link to this playlist at the beginning of the book. 


Can anyone tell me if it is okay to use spotify playlists in such a way? Since everyone who wants to listen to it still needs to pay for premium or deal with the ads I'm assuming it should be fine. But I would really appreciate any input on this!


Thanks a lot!


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Hey there! 

I've checked this out and unfortunately the best folks who will be able to advise you further would be Spotify Customer Services and if they can't help they'll try their best to get you to the right folks. 


You can reach them by following this link here and choosing either Option 3 or Option 4 depending on which method of reaching out matches your preference.




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