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Issues with uploading asset to Spotify Canvas, that fits the spec sheet.

Issues with uploading asset to Spotify Canvas, that fits the spec sheet.

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I'm having general issues with uploading Spotify Canvas

Hello, I'm working as a Content Manager for a record label - and we have a few recurring issues regarding uploading Spotify Canvases.


In general it just seems very unstable, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Is this something you are currently aware of?


Issue #1

When we upload the assets through either the web interface or the iPhone app for "Spotify for Artists"  in this example the asset is of following specs.


format: mp4

codecs: AAC, H.264

size: 17,4 mb

dimensions: 1080 × 1920 (9:16)

duration: 00:07


We are greeted with a error message on mobile that the file is to small, which makes no sense.


Issue #2


Many times when using the same assets as in Issue #1 even though the spec sheet provided by you says that duration is between 3s - 8s when uploading an asset that is 7 seconds and 20 frames in length, it then gets rejected.


What we are also experiencing is that from time to time, waiting 1 day with uploading the same asset that was just rejected the day before - all of a sudden then gets accepted and works?

As you can understand, we are very confused and it's quite annoying having to sit in blind and try and fix something on behalf of errors that guides you in completely different directions.


Do you have any suggestions or more in depth spec sheets, so we can try and optimise our workflow to refrain from spending time on assets that bounce back when being uploaded to "Spotify for Artists".


Thanks, and looking forward to your reply 🙂



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Hey @oscarlandmark,


Thank you for reaching out to the Community and welcome.


To upload Canvas, the file needs to fulfill some requirements to be able to display on the app. These requirements are listed in this article, make sure the file you want to upload meets all of them.


After that, verify you've followed the correct process to add it by checking this article.


However, we're not currently aware of any error reported by the relevant team when uploading canvas. If the issue persists, we'd recommend contacting our specialized Artist Support team so they can help you further with any info you need.


Hope this helps. In case you have any additional questions, don't hesitate to ask.

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Yep I see the same issues - fix it! Your Spotify canvas upload is broken.  Just coz your devs are not seeing it doesn’t mean it’s doesn’t exist! Check your logs!

I also have been having Canvas's rejected that fit ALL requirements. Its a real issue!

Hello ! Same issue here, tried several times and it still doesn’t work.


I'm having the same issues please fix, thanks for the basic ass response that I've already read on the app

I figured out a fix. If you make sure the video you are trying to fix is 8 seconds or less BEFORE uploading it to the canvas on mobile then it should work. The problem on my end was with the trimming I guess. So if it's already trimmed to the right size you should bypass that glitch.


If this helps you stream my music 😉

Doesn't work for me.


I always goes the same way for creating an asset, and suddenly it doesn't work anymore. I've changed nothing at all and the requirements are all spot on. Yesterday it worked and today it doesn't anymore. For testing the issue I used the same canvas that I used yesterday, today for a different song, and it doesn't work anymore. 


Please fix it. By the way via Browser uploading a Canvas NEVER works. Just with Artis app, here and there when die App is in the mood for it.

Same here. tried via browser and phone with all durations between 3-8 sec, different frames/s etc. mp4 and (funnily) not even a 9:16 jpeg does work.

photo-output 2.JPG
Bildschirmfoto 2023-07-25 um 12.47.40.png

I have created a video under 8 seconds in 9:16 ratio and it still says it has the wrong ratio? What am I supposed to do? If I remember previous versions of canvas you could add something in any vertical

format and it would just crop it? 

Literally every single time I upload a canvas from desktop for an upcoming release, it says the aspect ratio is incorrect. I have tried every different combination of render settings and multiple different export and conversion programs, literally none of them allow my canvas to work when uploading on desktop. However, I can seemingly upload canvases that aren't even true 9:16 from mobile. The issue I'm facing is that the mobile app does not show or allow any uploading of canvases for upcoming releases. So am I expected to be ready to upload multiple canvases the second my new release is public? Seems like a really **bleep**ing stupid oversight on the part of the dev team.

Having the same issue and it’s driving me crazy. I

For me it worked through the mobile app 🤷‍♂️ from the web on desktop still not working

@majral where in the mobile app can you upload a canvas? i can't find it, only on the "unreleased" music on desktop do i have an option for it (which doesn't work, like everyone else is saying)

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