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JBL Authentics L16 - Spotify Connect problem

JBL Authentics L16 - Spotify Connect problem

I have some problems with this unit: it used to work fine for months bu lately it seems the Spotify Connect service is working intermitently on this speaker for instant:

- Spotify will discover and connect to the speaker but sometimes it fails to connect, it detect the speaker in the Device list but when trying to connect to it ti will say Connecting then it will time out and fial to connect

- other times it will connect to the speaker but no sound is heard while being played

- other times it will connect and work fine

- other functionalities like Bluetooth and Optic input seem to work fine

- the main problem seems to be Spotify - is there a newer firmware for this?

- tough the JBL Music app says it has the latest firmware

- could be a networking issue or others?


The devices I'm using for streaming are Android 8.0 with latest Spotify app installed on Windows 10 laptop with the latest Spotify app installed.


I have the Spotify Premium account.


The speaker is connected on the 2.5 Ghz home network and my smartphone and laptop on the 5Ghz ones.








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Hey @4ew62ux0l4321vq.


Thanks for getting in touch!


When using Spotify Connect, it's recommended to use the same WiFi network on all devices. Could you connect your mobile phone or computer to the 2.4 Ghz network to see if that makes any difference?


If it doesn't help, could you try to reinstall the app using these intructions?


Hope that works 🙂 Let us know if you have further questions.


Have a nice day!



Sorry this still doesn't work, still works inconsistently.

while playing over wifi /DLNA it stops out of the blue, and it doesn't work until I restart (power of/on) de JBL speaker.

I think this is a firmware issue.


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